Top Iso20022 Coins to Buy by 2023

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Best Iso20022 Compliant Crypto to Buy Before The End Of 2023!’ by Crypto Jon

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The speaker prefers ISO coins, particularly Quant, XRP, XLM, and HBAR, due to their scarcity, utility, safety net value, and advanced technology, suggesting that investors should consider investing in them based on their own judgement.

Key Insights

  • ISO coins and layer ones are most bullish narratives in the crypto market.
  • The speaker is a utility-based investor who is drawn to ISO coins.
  • Mentioned ISO coins: XRP, Stellar, Quant, HBAR, XDC, Algorand, and DAG Constellation.
  • Quant is the most favorite and highest conviction asset due to its scarcity, utility, and interoperability.
  • HBAR is a go-to enterprise ledger with a fixed fee structure and advanced technology.
  • XRP and XLM have clarity and are recommended as safety net plays, with XRP for banks and enterprises and XLM for people.
  • Algorand is going through a rough phase but still has potential.
  • The speaker advises focusing on Quant, XRP, XLM, and HBAR, and picking a few to invest in.
  • The FedNow program suggests a shift in focus towards Quant, XRP, XLM, and HBAR.
  • It's not financial advice, and everyone should make their own choices.

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What’s up guys, in this video, I want to go over the ISO coins for crypto and which ones, in my opinion, are the best buys to be looking at right now before the end of 2023, before the Bitcoin having. So the ISO coins, along with the layer ones, are my two most bullish narratives, highest conviction plays in this crypto market. They are the definition of utility. I’m a utility-based investor, and so I’m naturally drawn to these cryptos, but not every crypto is made perfect. I do know some people who follow me who only invest in ISO coins, some only invest in layer one, and some like myself hold a majority of both or they hold a diverse portfolio of both. So we’re gonna go over each one. There are some that I’m looking at, so take this video with a grain of salt, but I’m saying, give you guys my reasons for some cryptos I’m looking at and which ones I have the most conviction and I’m looking to accumulate more of before the end of the year.

So for ISO, we saw XRP when the case, huge one for the ISO coins, huge one for XRP, huge one for the altcoins. It’s up to 76 cents. Stellar also because it was closely correlated to XRP, also up at 13 cents. Just checking my mic because it might die during this video. I hope not.

Quant right now is $99. Wow, let’s see HBAR, five cents. XDC, I’m actively researching it. Algorand, I’m not. I’m gonna leave Algorand out because the team said it wasn’t ISO, so I mean there’s no confirmation. It’s ISO. DAG Constellation, I understand ISO, but I’m not really too into that one. I mean, it’s okay, it’s okay, but it’s not my most bullish. So I’m not gonna focus on it for this video. XDC, I’m actively researching that one. I will make a video soon. I’m just taking my time with it.

So we’re gonna compare and contrast Quant, XRP, XLM, HBAR, and Algorand. So these are five ISO coins. Obviously, you don’t want to buy all five if you only have a couple of hundred dollars to invest per month and you want to pick a couple that you feel is most close for you. So out of all the ISO coins, Quant is my favorite one and my highest conviction asset. It is more scarce than Bitcoin. Its utility is interoperability, which is huge utility. You just can’t ignore merging and connecting DLTs. It’s not just huge from a developer standpoint to connect DLTs, but it takes on each strength of each DLT and mitigates each weakness. So it allows massive scalability, massive convenience not just for the devs to work on these DLTs, but also retail to utilize them to the best of their ability, whether it’s for a smart contract, an NFT, blockchain gaming. You know some ledgers are better in some aspects than others. Like Solana is very scalable, very fast, and easy to use. It was very hot in NFTs. Ethereum was the go-to layer one for smart contract. Then you have some that are better with dApps and other things. So there’s many different use cases for DLTs and layer one. So Quant’s interoperability utility and also connections with the ISO cryptos and their connection with the Bank of England recently. You just can’t ignore Quant. It definitely is gonna net the most multipliers in my opinion. 14.5 million total supply. You’re gonna see people eat this up even though right now, it looks bad because the trading volume is down like 20%. People are so scared right now. What do they say in crypto, right? When people are fearful, what do you do? You buy. And then when they’re greedy, what do you do? You sell. So if you’re seeing fear right now, what do you think I’m gonna do as soon as I get paid Friday if I see Quant at this price? Gobbling it up. So Quant to me is the most convicted play. If I had to pick other ones right now, I like HBAR a lot. HBAR is, in my opinion, going to be one of the go-to enterprise ledgers. Their fixed fee structure, you cannot ignore that. They have advanced tech, tenth of a penny HBAR, and the fee is based on the current price of HBAR. So even if HBAR were to increase, it’s always the same price. That is why Dell joined that governing council, and that’s a big reason why it’s growing. So you can’t argue that enterprise is trying to mitigate their expenses as much as possible. They’re not going to go to a cheap ledger that may be cheap initially, where they’re transacting tons of money on this ledger. Those cheap fees will eventually increase. So HBAR Hedera, their network, I like their gossip protocol too. It’s how they disseminate information on their hashgraph. But it’s so cheap and consistent in price that it’s gonna make businesses want to eat up and use Hedera and use their network at high volume, at scale, and that is a huge draw to it. But a lot of people right now are staying away because the price of HBAR is not reflecting the volume that’s going on in their ecosystem. They recently crossed over 13 billion transactions. They are growing, whether you want to agree or not. They’re growing. And right now, the price, it’s been stable. It went up a little bit because Bitcoin went up. It was dipping because they were adding to the circulating supply. So when I originally got into HBAR, they only had like 40% in circulation. Now they have, I think it was 65% last I checked, yeah 65%. So if the market is flat, which it pretty much is, Bitcoin is flat, Ethereum is flat, if the market is flat and they’re diluting the market cap of altcoins that have much smaller market caps than Bitcoin, from a supply and demand standpoint, you’re gonna see the price dip because it’s diluting the price. But if it was in a bull market, you wouldn’t see this reflect to a high extent. So that is why people are making the mistake with HBAR, calling it like, oh, it just keeps going down to zero. It’s because they’re adding to the supply, but it’s not the team dumping. See, that’s a misconception. Everyone says, oh, the team is dumping all the supply. This is a pre-allocated schedule. They were doing this during the bear market last year, they’re doing this now, they will continue to do this until they get 100% in circulation. This was a predetermined schedule. So HBAR, to me, I think is going to do very well. It’s definitely up there. So Quant, HBAR, and then I would throw in XRP and XLM, especially now because they have clarity. They have clarity. XRP, I mean, it’s not gonna be $37,000 by the end of the year, but I definitely think it’s a good safety net play. You know, I love cross-border payment solutions. XRP is for the banks, enterprises, and XLM is for the people. They’re very similar protocols, but they’re different. Okay, they’re different. If you want to be for the people, XLM, nonprofit charity, have the supply of XRP. But if you want to see tons of money flowing through institutions and banks, that’s just XRP. I think both are great. I right now have an investment into XLM. I will eventually get XRP. It’s just a matter of when. I might buy it this week. I might buy it next week. You know, I’m still waiting to time my price getting into it. I’m very patient because my portfolio is very set up for the bull cycle. So XRP at this point, to me, is just like my safety net. If you want to see when I buy XRP, feel free to join my Patreon and Discord. I post my buy and sell alerts there as soon as I buy or sell any crypto. I post it there. So if you want to see, I’ll leave a link in the pinned comments down below. But yeah, these four cryptos right now are my most bullish ISO coins. I still like Algorand, but like I said, the team didn’t verify and say they were ISO compliant. So, you know, the jury’s out on that. Algorand’s gonna be fine. They’re just going through hell right now. I did see a whale was actively buying the dip with Algorand, which is why we saw a little pump the other day. Algorand, though, is a patient play. You have to be very patient with it. If you want to buy the bottom now, it’s probably not a bad price to get into. But in terms of focus, where I see the ISO narrative shifting because the FedNow program is literally going into effect, this is where I would shift my focus to Quant, XRP, XLM, and HBAR, and obviously pick maybe one or two of these, you know, at best, especially if you have small money to invest right now. You know, start with one, get your bag ready. And then once you feel secure in that bag, then you can move on or just stay away. Not financial advice. No

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Best Iso20022 Compliant Crypto to Buy Before The End Of 2023!’ by Crypto Jon