Trdr Pocket 2: AI-Powered Handheld for $400

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘TRDR Pocket 2: A $400 AI Powered Confusing Handheld’ by Retro Handhelds

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The TRDR2 handheld gaming console disappoints with its features and performance, being overpriced and of poor quality.

Key Insights

  • The video is a review of a handheld gaming console called the TRDR2 screen.
  • The host opens the package and finds the console inside, which costs around $400.
  • The console comes with green headphones, a USB-C cable, and some instructions.
  • The host is disappointed that Soulja Boy wasn't involved in this console like he was in previous ventures.
  • They describe the console's physical features, including the buttons, divots, scratches on the screen, and its weight.
  • The host criticizes the lack of L and R buttons needed to play certain games.
  • They mention that the console is similar in size to another device called the 351, but not as thick as the bottom part.
  • The screen is scratched and appears to have a protector, but the host is unsure if it is supposed to be there.
  • The console's built-in speakers are criticized for poor sound quality and volume scaling.
  • The host tests the console's ability to run N64 games and criticizes its performance, as well as its compatibility with RetroArch.
  • They compare the TRDR2 to the Powkiddy A19 and suggest the latter as a better alternative.
  • The console has Google Play and an SD card slot, but it's not easily accessible.
  • The touchscreen is described as annoying due to its recessed design.
  • The host demonstrates playing PlayStation games on the console.
  • Overall, they express great disappointment with the TRDR2, calling it a turd and advising against purchasing it. They consider it overpriced and of poor quality compared to other alternatives in the market.

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Zoo Reviews!

Well, Gary, we have yet another package. This time, it’s from our friend Azeal. A-zeal-ay? A-zeal. I don’t know. But, what I do have is a knife, so we’re going to open this up. Cut carefully, because we are going to mail this back to our good friend. He bought this, and he said, I want Zoo to review it, which is a trend that I like to see. I’d like to see it continue.

Well, what do we got here? Pocket. Hello. Thank you for your order. I can’t wait to meet you. To activate your device, please email hellojulia to julia at, and my team will be in touch. Well, I’ll be sure to do that. Love me? Leave me a review. Question? Contact info at All the best, Julia, who is the name of my device. It is, that’s right, the TRDR2 screen. This is the TRDR Sauce Pocket 2, and we’re going to open it, and we’re going to see how great it is. It goes for about $400, so obviously, for that much money, it’s got to be great, right?

Now, I am a little disappointed, because I hear that Soulja Boy isn’t as intimately involved with this one as he was with some of the previous ventures, and it makes me just kind of go ooooh, because I wanted to, you know, try to incorporate him into the video as much as I could, and ooooh, I really wanted to incorporate, crank that as much as I could, and ooooh, my wife is going to be disappointed, because she likes that song, but disappointment is not anything my wife isn’t already used to. Dang it!

Alright. I’m going to try to keep this box as intact as possible. Dinged up. That’s not good. Oh, oh! Those are some green headphones. What do we got? Instructions in English. Sign me up. 4G network antenna, I could take this on the road if I wanted. A wifi antenna.

You’ll notice on the back, there’s something missing. Where’s my fingies going to go? How am I going to play any game that requires L and R buttons? That’s not a good sign. It comes with these cool green headphones, which I’m not going to put in my ears, because what if, what if Azil wants them? USB-C cable? Okay. Custom foam. Oh, oh! Is it taped? And uh, the main guy here. The star of the show. The tartar, the tartar sauce, as it were. I’m really excited to see this. Now, I know this is a hotly anticipated console, so I might do several videos on it. This, you know, this is going to be my first impressions, and then I’ll, you know, load a bunch of custom firmware on there, right?

That’s got, oh my god. Oh my god. That is shiny. That is shiny as all get out. It’s got tri-wing screws. Oh. That is a fingerprint magnet immediately covered in fingerprints. It’s garish. It’s metal. It’s heavy. It’s heavy as hell. We got this D-pad. Well, that’s interesting. It’s clicky. Very clicky. Got a switch stick. Does it click? No. It’s not even clickable. And, whoa, that range of motion feels extremely limited. You have an X button, an A button, a B button, obviously. And then you’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. You’ve got a button. Obviously. Y button, a C button, and a D button. You have a big divot right there. How in the hell did that happen? The screen. Oh. There’s a little divot in the metal up here. The screen looks like there’s a protector on it. I don’t think there is. It’s just a dingy screen. And it’s scratched to all get out. Get that angle? It’s scratched to hell. This is premium $400 experience right out of the box. The screen’s scratched up. Good lord.

USB-C, right? That’s micro HDMI. There’s the power button and there’s the power indicator. It’s volume up, volume down. Nothing on the bottom. They say this is stainless steel. By God, it’s heavy as all get out, Gary. And it’s already scratched. I mean, this is new out of the box. That’s scratched. The screen is scratched. Did they ship a refurbished one? Well, when I email What’s-Her-Face, I’ll be sure to let them know.

Just want to do a little bit of comparison. It’s thinner than the bottom because of, you know, a battery. But it’s thicker than the top. There’s no shoulder buttons. I don’t like it. It’s a little bit thicker than the 351 top and it’s definitely not as thick as the bottom. Size-wise, it’s about the same height as the 351. The button is probably closer to the 353 than this guy. Good Lord. Good Lord. There’s no shoulder buttons. That bothers me. Honest to God, that screen. Oh, boy. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this one, Gary. I mean, just look. Just hold it. Look at the grease. Oh, it’s Zoo in the Matrix. I don’t have a good feeling about this at all, but let’s review it

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘TRDR Pocket 2: A $400 AI Powered Confusing Handheld’ by Retro Handhelds