Udimi Review: Getting Rich With Solo Ads – Fact or Fiction?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Can You Really Get Rich With Solo Ads? Complete Udimi Review’ by Jonathan Montoya

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video reviews Udemy for instant traffic to affiliate offers, emphasizing the need for a long-term strategy and value for audience engagement, while offering a discount link for viewers.

Key Insights

  • The video is a review on a website called Udemy, which allows users to get instant traffic to their affiliate offers.
  • The narrator explains that solo ads are a common method for generating traffic but may not lead to instant wealth. They can be profitable over time with a long-term strategy.
  • The narrator discusses how solo ads work, explaining that vendors have email lists they can use to send clicks to affiliate offers.
  • The key to making solo ads work is having a well-built email sequence that nurtures the audience over time, leading to increased trust and potential sales.
  • The narrator shares their personal experience and success with solo ads, mentioning their large number of orders and the thousands of dollars spent.
  • Udemy is highlighted as a favorite and easy-to-use vendor for solo ads due to its network of sellers.
  • The narrator advises beginners to have a long-term strategy in place and not expect immediate profits from solo ads.
  • The importance of providing value to the audience is emphasized, as well as offering multiple products within the affiliate stacking ecosystem.
  • The video includes a demonstration of how to purchase solo ads on Udemy and customize the email content for the vendors to promote.
  • The narrator concludes by recommending solo ads for those who have extra money and a mindset focused on long-term business growth, rather than get-rich-quick schemes.
  • A discount link is provided for viewers interested in getting started with Udemy for solo ads.

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[00:00:00] So can you get instant traffic to any affiliate offers starting today? Now in this video, I’m gonna be giving you my honest review on the instant traffic website called Udemy. Now if you’ve never heard of Udemy, this is the website right here, and essentially what it allows you to do is get instant traffic to any affiliate offers that you have, and the way it works, as you can see, there are hundreds and hundreds of sellers on Udemy, and the way it works is you’re able to buy clicks to any affiliate offer that you want.

[00:00:33] Now the cool thing is every single one of these people have their own email list, and basically, you’re borrowing their list. You’re saying, hey, I want you to send 1,000 clicks to whatever offer that you have. So if you’re an affiliate marketer, if you have your own product, if you’re trying to promote things on ClickBank or Digistore24, and you’re looking for a way to get instant traffic, typically people will look at solo ads, but throughout this review, I wanna explain what are solo ads, but more importantly, are they a good way to generate traffic, and the biggest question is can you actually get rich using solo ads?

[00:01:05] Now I’m gonna give you the quick answer, and then I’m gonna give you the long answer. The quick answer is no, I don’t think most people can get rich using solo ads as a whole, but I think if you have a long-term strategy, you can use solo ads to make lots of money over time, and I wanna explain how.

[00:01:19] Now the reason why I don’t think you can make money right away with solo ads is because you gotta understand how solo ads work, right? Every single one of these vendors, they have a list that they’re mailing every single day, so you gotta imagine the people on their list, they’re always seeing multiple offers, offer after offer after offer, so what happens is people on their list, they tend to get tired, and they don’t buy from these people.

[00:01:41] Again, I’ve used solo ads a ton, and you can even see, if I go to my past orders here, I have 151 orders, okay? I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on solo ads. As you can see, these are just my orders. I’m ordering solo ads constantly, but you gotta understand, the reason why is because I have a long-term strategy, and my strategy nurtures people when they first get on my list.

[00:02:04] Now if you’re a complete beginner, right, you’re looking at solo ads, and you’re like, this is an awesome way to get traffic. I can literally get traffic overnight, which is true, but again, you gotta understand, the people that are coming from solo ads, they’re not typically gonna buy, and they’re usually people that have seen offer after offer after offer, okay? How come someone like me can buy solo ads and be profitable? It’s because of my email sequences, and because the way I nurture my audience.

[00:02:29] Now this is an example of what I would take someone going through my solo ads, okay? Now I’ve talked a lot about this in my previous videos, the affiliate stacking ecosystem, but you gotta understand how it works, and this is why I can make solo ads work, and I’m able to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on cold traffic, okay? Because I’m willing to nurture people over time, okay? So I’ve explained this in previous videos, but basically what I do is I get people to an opt-in page to get to my email list.

[00:02:58] Now over time, I will send them emails, and it goes something like this. I’ll send them an offer, and then I’ll send them a value email, and then another offer, and then a value email. So what I’m doing is I’m constantly providing value for people on my list. If you happen to be on my list, you’re not always gonna get a random offer. I’m always trying to give you value, whether it’s a no-link email, or sending you to a YouTube video. My goal is to continue adding value for people on my list.

[00:03:26] So I know maybe someone from a solo ad, by the time they get way down here, they know me, they like me, and they trust me. That’s why I continue to buy solo ads, okay? Now of course, I teach this entire system, and I allow people to clone this business as their own. I’m gonna leave a link down below in the YouTube description. That’ll allow you to clone this exact same system that you’re looking at as your own. That way, you can also make solo ads work for yourself, okay?

[00:03:54] Now, not only am I providing value, right? I’m also giving my email list a chance to buy multiple products, okay? As you’ll notice here, I have a link to this product, a link to this product, and it goes on and on. I have multiple products within my affiliate stacking ecosystem. And going back to solo ads, that’s exactly why I’m buying, as you can see, every single month. And sometimes I’ll be buying thousands and thousands of clicks.

[00:04:22] Now, this is just a specific review on Udemy, which is one of my favorite and easiest solo ad vendors, because basically, it’s a network of vendors. So basically, you can go to find sellers, and you can see there’s literally thousands of solo ad people that you can buy from, okay? So that’s how I am able to make solo ads work, okay? As you can see, I’ve spent over, or I’ve had over 151 orders. So I don’t think solo ads are a scam, right? Or I know solo ads aren’t a scam, but if you’re a beginner, and you’re trying to get rich overnight, then it’s probably not gonna work for you, because as a beginner, you really don’t have the systems in place, or you don’t have the knowledge to do that, right? And that’s what I’m trying to show you. If you’re a beginner, and you’re buying solo ads, yes, you’re gonna build an email list, but you’re not gonna make your money back right away. That comes with the email follow-up and the way that you structure your follow-up system, okay? So just being 100% transparent there.

[00:05:19] Now, do I recommend solo ads? Well, when I first started, I didn’t wanna create all that content. I didn’t wanna make YouTube videos. I didn’t wanna make TikToks and Instagrams. I actually spent thousands of dollars on solo ads when I first started my affiliate marketing business, and that’s a secret that I really didn’t tell anybody, because I was kind of embarrassed. I didn’t know how to make videos, and I was scared to get on camera. The first month of doing affiliate marketing, I grew my list very quickly, because I was spending all the extra money I had. Now, would I recommend that for a complete beginner? Maybe not. If you have extra money, yes. That way, you can kinda get that quick email list. You can get those quick sales, but if you’re on your last dime, no, I don’t recommend it, because you need a long-term strategy.

[00:06:00] Let me just show you what I would do if I was buying solo ads on Udemy, okay? So I would go to Udemy, and I would go to find sellers, and what I like to

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Can You Really Get Rich With Solo Ads? Complete Udimi Review’ by Jonathan Montoya