Ultimate 8 Hour Arm Workout: Embracing Rich Piana’s Method

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Trying Rich Piana’s 8 Hour Workout’ by Jesse James West

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Rich Piana’s eight-hour arm workout adds significant arm growth, resulting in one participant gaining over an inch and a half.

Key Insights

  • Rich Piana's eight-hour arm workout is said to add one inch to your arms in one session.
  • The narrator and his friend decide to try the workout together.
  • They measure their starting arm circumference at around 16 inches.
  • They do multiple sets of different exercises, including skull crushers, barbell curls, hammer curls, and overhead French press.
  • After each workout, they consume a protein shake.
  • As they progress through the workout, they start feeling exhausted and bored.
  • They experience muscle fatigue, joint pain, and feel deflated.
  • Despite feeling drained, they continue with the workout.
  • Near the end, they start feeling delusional and make jokes about dumbbell withdrawal.
  • They finally finish the workout and measure their arms again.
  • The narrator gained about an inch and a half of arm growth, while his friend saw no growth.
  • The video ends with a giveaway announcement and the message to inspire others to push their limits.

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Rich Piana’s eight-hour arm workout is known to add an entire inch to your arms in only one session. Today we’re going to see if I can survive his workout and if it really works. Let’s go.
Where’s the tape measure? It’s in here. Are we measuring?
This is Brandon, my girlfriend’s brother, and poor soul that I invited to do this challenge with me. All I’ll say is, Claudia, I’m sorry in advance if your brother doesn’t survive. We got to measure our arms before the pump.
16 and an eighth. 16. Yeah, it’s like 16 and an eighth. Brandon’s starting girth, 16. 16 inches is Brandon’s starting circumference girth. Ladies and gentlemen, you ready to add an inch? Let’s do it. Let’s add an inch.
We’re starting the workout. We have four sets of 10 reps on skull crushers, super set, four sets of 10 reps on barbell curls. We’ll start off with like what, 25 for skull crushers?
Yeah, bro. You’re going to be dead. We have four times. We have 16 sets. Four times eight. Oh, no. No, no, no, no. It’s literally like- 16.
Brandon and I proceeded to debate the total number of sets we were doing for the day across all 16 workouts. That’s right, 16. And while we never actually figured out the answer because we’re dumb, most of the science people would say you’d only need around three to 10 sets per muscle per workout for optimal results. And this was going to be a lot more than three to 10. This is going to be so rough.
First set, tens? Tens, yeah. Tens. Let’s go, baby.
All right. Hit me. You know, Rich Piana is actually my real dad. Really? Yeah. Is that why you’re so jacked? Yeah, he fed me steroids as a baby. Should we go up and wait? No. No? You have no perception of what’s coming. You’re short-sighted. Give me the bar!
Yeah, boy. Oh, this is a lot heavier. Yeah, I told you. Support my head, support my head. Oh, oh. There you go. I’ll hold your head like a baby. Yeah. I think that’s 10. That’s 10.
Workout number one complete. Only 15 workouts remain. And we’re going to crush it! Now it’s time to drink a protein shake. Okay. After each workout, we have to have an entire protein shake. We got Gorilla Minds here. Code Jesse. What else is new? I’m going to start with chocolate peanut butter. I’ll do the same. Okay. Oh, yeah. 16 of these bad boys. I don’t think their toilets are ready. Just a warning. Like, you shouldn’t actually drink 16 protein shakes. No. Never do this. Never. This is like a weird thing to do. Cheers, brother. Cheers.
For workout number two, we got 15 reps of hammer curls with dumbbells. And then we have 15 reps on overhead French press with a dumbbell, one arm at a time. Let’s get it. I’ll go first. We’re starting off with 25. We’re going to go heavier and heavier, all right? We don’t want to burn out too quick.
Hammer, hammer. Oh, my bad. Oh, my God. Come on. Good. The more you put into anything in life, the more you’re going to get out. The longer you train, the more you eat, the more you sleep, the better results you’re going to get. Yeah, dude. Look at that. Oh, my God. Wait, wait, wait. Look at this. That is insane.
Protein shake number two. We ain’t going to be eating food today. Just powder. It tastes good for now. I’m going to get real sick of it real quick.
Workout number three is going down. More skull crushers and more curls. We’re going to do an easy bar curl this time to kind of mix it up a notch. Bro, your brachialis sticks out. That is absolutely insane. Oh, my God. There you go. Good. Good. Workout three complete. Oh, that sucks.
Protein shake. I believe that you should bust your ass and work on getting to what you see as the best possible physique you can achieve. You are. I don’t know if the camera. Bro, bro, bro. The man is transforming. I’m going to measure Brandon. We’re 25% through the Rich Piana. Insane arm day. No way. I’m not kidding. I’m not going to move tomorrow. My arms are literally going to need to be in casts, in slings. But we’re having ourselves a good time. You know what I’m saying?
Go. Flavor number two is going down. I’m beyond sick. I don’t know how you’re doing chocolate. It’s just disgusting to me at this point. We’re about 600 calories deep of just straight protein. And artificial sweeteners. Despite the fact I was getting sick of protein, Gorilla Mind still has the best protein powder on the market, which is why I’m going to be giving away five Gorilla Mind tubs of ice cream, all different flavors, along with some shakers. Some could say Rich Piana was a genius. I saw him in person. His arm was terrifying. Really? Yeah, it looked like a mutant’s arm. There is going to be one lucky winner. All you have to do is subscribe to me and subscribe to Brandon in the description below. And then you are entered. Dude, I was obsessed with him and I was like, Really? I didn’t want to look like that, but I was just like, how can a human look that way? Once you’re done, DM me done on Instagram so I can contact you. Best of luck.
Brandon and I were really starting to feel this workout. Like, besides the fact that this was 10 times more volume than we’d ever need, despite what you may think, doing curls for eight hours is extremely boring. And while I tried stalling by giving some science-based knowledge, I was really just done with this entire workout.
I’m dying right now. Like, you said to me before, Rich Piana is looking down. He’s looking down. He’s watching. Call me a disappointment. Goddamn. I’m getting shaky. Yeah. I don’t actually feel it working any muscles. I can feel my pump deflating. Yeah. Right now. Come on. It’s torture. You got it. I didn’t want to have to do this, but I have no choice. My pump is completely gone. We got to throw carbon up. You want a nice kick? Yeah. You need it. Oh, God, I’m gonna choke. Yep. Stick it in. I can barely feel my arms. My joints are starting to hurt, which is not a good sign. I feel like my muscles aren’t doing the work anymore. And it’s literally ligaments and joints. Yeah. It’s like holding on by a thread. The muscles just like sitting there chilling. I feel really deflated now. Like I have no pump. A new feeling has erupted. I feel like I’ve been tearing my triceps in half at this point. It’s a different type of sore. It’s not sore. It’s damage. My triceps are starting to ache in a way that I’ve never felt before. It’s like deep in the muscle. It’s just like trauma. At this point, I’m cutting my shakes in half. There, I said it. I might opt out of a shake for this one. I don’t think I can ever have protein again. No. This workout is ruining protein for me. It’s disgusting. You want to just cut shakes out completely? Yeah, I think we should. All right. We’re also not 400 pounds. Yeah. So we’re going to cut that. We’re done with the shakes. Shakes are done, but the training, we are going to finish. This is like a marathon. This is like really boring. This is a marathon. Come on. Come

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Trying Rich Piana’s 8 Hour Workout’ by Jesse James West