Ultimate Cryotic Farming Guide: Mastering Solo in Warframe

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Warframe: Solo Cryotic Farming Guide’ by Jacsonitos

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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This video is a guide to a solo farming build in Warframe for Cryotic, using Cora with Azure Shards, emphasizing range and duration, and recommending Pilfering Strangledome mod, Primed Flow, Arcane Energize, etc.; it explains using Cora in Excavator missions on Hyrakon for Cryotic farming, drops of Neo and Axi Relics in Rotations B and C, tips on weapons, mods, pets, and Operator, chaining enemies with Strangledome, using Operator dash for movement, and shows obtaining 2,600 Cryotic in 18 minutes with Axi and Neo Relics, while inviting suggestions in the comments.

Key Insights

  • The video is a guide to a solo farming build in the game Warframe specifically for farming Cryotic.
  • The build focuses on using the Warframe Cora with slight alterations.
  • Azure Shards are used instead of Vitality to increase health and allow for different mods.
  • The build emphasizes range and duration rather than strength.
  • Pilfering Strangledome mod is recommended to increase the chances of getting additional power cells from infested drones.
  • Other mods mentioned include Primed Flow, Arcane Energize, Arcane Guardian, Master Summons, and more.
  • The video explains the mechanics of using Cora in Excavator missions and how to maximize efficiency.
  • The preferred mission for Cryotic farming mentioned is Hyrakon on Pluto, as infested units are easier to deal with for Excavator missions.
  • Rotation B and C have a chance to drop Neo and Axi Relics respectively.
  • Tips on using weapons, mods, pets (Smita Kavats), and even the Operator are provided.
  • The youtuber demonstrates how to chain enemies with Strangledome and deal with Eximus Units.
  • Tips on movement between Excavators using Operator dash are explained.
  • A quick outro shows the results of the farming, obtaining 2,600 Cryotic in 18 minutes and acquiring Axi and Neo Relics.
  • The youtuber encourages viewers to provide suggestions or different methods of Cryotic farming in the comments section.

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Hey guys, welcome back to another Warframe video where today we are going to be looking at a build that I’ve been using recently in my Warframe Done Efficiently series, which is the build that I like to use to farm Cryotic. Now, this is a solo farming build, and we are using our Cora here. She is slightly altered from our usual farming build, but only very slightly, and it is the first time, I think, where I’ve actually made use of Azure Shards here because I’ve essentially put these on in place of using Vitality as it allows me then to add on a few different mods that I perhaps wouldn’t usually use. And to be fair, I don’t really use Azure Shards all that often. I just end up kind of having them stashed up. So yeah, I’ve used them here just to increase my health, and that means that I don’t have to run Vitality on this build. So yeah, we’re going to go through this, then we’re going to be running a Steel Path Excavation mission on solo, and I’m going to explain kind of the mechanics involved, how you can best utilize Cora in this setting, and hopefully then you guys can go off and do this yourselves. So yeah, without further ado, let’s kind of quickly run through the build, and then we’ll jump into a quick run. So on the Cora here, we have got, yeah, Physique, because it fits. I mean, run whatever you want here. There’s probably way better Aura mods you can run. This is a zero-forma build. Everything else geared towards range and duration. Strength doesn’t matter at all in this, but I would run Pilfering Strangledome for the simple reason that any drones, so the ones that carry the power cells, we’re going to be going against Infested, by the way. So any Infested drones that carry power cells will have a chance to drop an additional power cell if they die when they’re in your Strangledome. So that’s an important thing to note, and I would recommend running Pilfering Strangledome. Then we’ve also got ourselves, let’s see, Primed Flow on here, and this is going to be geared well with Arcane Energize. Now, if you don’t have access to Arcane Energize, I would recommend running Zenurik on this build. We’re not going to be running Zenurik because I don’t need to, because I’ve got Arcane Energize, but yeah, bear that in mind. This is actually giving me a bit of a hand here, and Arcane Guardian just for a bit of extra durability on our build. So yeah, that’s kind of what we’re rolling with. Now, I should also mention as well, the duration we’ve got on this is 50 seconds, which is just long enough for us to be able to put down two Strangledomes per Excavator. So each Excavator lasts for, I believe, one minute and it’s either one minute and thirty or one minute and forty. I think it’s probably one minute and forty, and that allows us to put down two Excavators, 50 seconds each, that covers the entire duration of the Excavator, right? So that’s an important thing to know. I’m also running Master Summons. You can run whatever you want on your Helminth. I’m just using this so I can keep my Kavat up, and we’ll talk about that in a second. Primary and Secondary, I would run whatever you want. However, I would probably choose single target shot weapons over AoE weapons for a good reason. And again, we’ll explain that when we get into the run itself. I think it’ll be easier to explain it there. And if we just take a look here, I’m running Fel Arx. You can run whatever weapon you’re comfortable with. This is only a two-forma build, so big room for improvement. But this does the job just fine. And then on the Lattuniere, similarly, three-forma build, big room for improvement. But this does the job. We’re running it on gas because we’re against Infested Units. We have then also got Plague Gripath here with Exodia Contagion. I would use this for Acolytes, taking down Acolytes. It’s always good using Exodia Contagion. And then we’re running Unairu. The only reason I’m running Unairu is to prevent myself getting knocked down and also so that I can strip the Acolyte’s armor using Caustic Strike. That is the only reason I’m using it. You can use whatever you want. And like I said, if you haven’t got Arcane Energize, probably best to be using Zenurik there instead. Our pets, we are running Smeeta Kavats. Smeeta Kavats will allow us a chance to double the Cryo drops from Excavators should we proc Charm on an Affinity Booster or Resource Booster. They’re the same thing. So yeah, Charm. Tech enhance to increase the durability. Everything else geared towards durability and endurance. So Link Armor, Link Health, Synth Fiber, Tech Assault. And then we’ve got Fetch here just to pick up drops like Energy Orbs and things like that. Now what I’m also going to do now quickly as well is on my Operator I am going to switch my Magus Melt over to Magus Anomaly. This is going to help bring in any Drones that spawn a bit quicker to our Strangledome and therefore we can pick up the cells a bit quicker. So that’s one little tip that you can use there. And I think that’s basically it guys for this build. I don’t think there’s anything else that needs to be noted. We are going to be running some Energy Restores every now and then but other than that it’s just, you know, quality of life stuff. So what we’re going to be doing, we are going to be doing a run of Hyrakon on Pluto on Steel Path solo. And this is kind of my preferred mission for, yeah, farming Cryo because Infested Units are just generally better to do Excavator missions for as nothing can actually shoot the Excavator really. So that’s why we’re doing that. Also Rotation B and Rotation C have a chance to drop a Neo and an Axi Relic respectively. And actually the drop chance for this is pretty high. I believe it’s around the 70% mark. So you can actually rack up a fair few Relics doing this as well. And 4 Excavators should take you in the region of 5 or

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Warframe: Solo Cryotic Farming Guide’ by Jacsonitos