Ultimate DEEPWOKEN Tools Guide: Crafting the Perfect Build

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Make the Perfect DEEPWOKEN Build’ by supaa

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Nas created a Deep Vulcan build calculator with various features.

Key Insights

  • Deep Vulcan Info Team member Nas created a useful Deep Vulcan build calculator.
  • The calculator has the same layout as real Deep Vulcan.
  • It shows every talent available for a particular build.
  • Features such as damage calculators with various modifiers are being added.
  • The modifiers are not yet functional but will be fixed soon.
  • Some talents may currently display incorrect results, but Nas is working on it due to the large number of talents (over 600).
  • The Deep Vulcan calculator is recommended for easier build creation.
  • The link to the calculator is provided in the video description.

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Yo, what’s up guys, and one of the Deep Vulcan Info Team members, Nas, created something pretty useful with the Deep Vulcan progression. He made a Deep Vulcan build calculator that is pretty unique.

When you first go on it, it has the same layout as real Deep Vulcan. And you enter the build you’re thinking of going, and it actually shows you every single talent you can get. So if we put my Lightning Cloak Shadow build, we’ll see this is what I can get.

He’s also adding features like damage calculators to where it will actually calculate your damage with a ton of modifiers like lose your mind with itch and shrink, with overflown dam, and etc. If you go to the site right now, it’s actually added, but you can’t actually add the modifiers yet. He’s going to fix that in like a day or so.

Some of the talents you may see on there may be incorrect, like if you put 100 Intelligence, it will say you can get true Aether Bullets with 0 Light, but he’s fixing that as there’s over 600 talents, so it will take some time.

But yeah, when you’re making a build, I highly recommend you use this Deep Vulcan calculator as it actually makes things a lot easier. I’ll link the Deep Vulcan calculator in the description, and please subscribe if you enjoyed. Bye bye.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Make the Perfect DEEPWOKEN Build’ by supaa