Ultimate Dragon Build Elden Ring 1.10 Guide

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Elden Ring :The Ultimate Dragon Build New 1.10!!!’ by DIVINE GAMES

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Dragon build focuses on damage, bleed buildup, and ranged attacks; recommended weapons and attacks discussed.

Key Insights

  • Key Insights:
  • The ultimate dragon build focuses on high damage, status effects, and ranged attacks.
  • The recommended weapons are the Flamberge and the Forked Greatsword for their bleed buildup and passive bonuses.
  • The Ashivore Seppuku weapon helps to proc a blood loss on yourself for damage buff and bleed buildup.
  • The Dragon Communion Seal increases dragon incantation damage and scales with arcane.
  • Recommended dragon attacks are Samaric's Glinstone Breath for damage, Borealis Mist for frost debuff, and Ezeke's Decay for rot.
  • Different items and buffs contribute to increasing damage output for dragon attacks.
  • The video provides locations for obtaining weapons, talismans, armor, and other items needed for the build.
  • The Dung Eater summon would be beneficial for distraction and increased damage.
  • The Incantation Golden Vow gives a damage boost to nearby allies.
  • The Flask of Wondrous Physic provides a magic damage increase and infinite mana for a short period.
  • The armor recommendation is the Mausoleum set for its medium armor and decent protection.
  • The build requires a specific distribution of stats, with a focus on strength, dexterity, arcane, faith, vigor, endurance, and mind.
  • Please note that due to the length and complexity of the transcript, some of the information might have been missed or misunderstood. It is always recommended to watch the original video for complete and accurate details.

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Hey everyone, in today’s video I’m going to be going over the ultimate dragon build. Now it mainly consists of tons of damage like just nuking bosses as you just saw, multiple status effects like frost, rot, and even bleed which is a little bit odd for a dragon themed build but it’s a great backup choice or even an alternative, and obviously having ranged attacks. So that kind of sums up most of the build but let’s actually dive into it now.

Starting off with the weapons we only have two of them to grab and they’re both really easy to find and get early on. For the first one you’ll want to pick up the flamberge since we’re going to need an up close weapon in general and it also benefits the build aside from the damage it does. You could also use the forked greatsword if you have that already, basically the same thing just a little bit less damage is all.

Now the reason you want either one of these weapons is really straightforward, they both come with a passive amount of bleed build up so when you put the occult affinity on it which is what we’re doing, the weapons damage and bleed build up scale with arcane which is going to be our most dominant stat. I didn’t choose arcane to be my main focus just for the bleed build up, it kind of just comboed really nicely with the dragon breaths and I didn’t want to just pass it up so we get a nice little 2 for 1 here.

Continuing on that we’re going to be able to proc a blood loss every 3-4 attacks consistently so I also tossed on both the white mask and the lord of bloods exultation. They both increase your damage

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Elden Ring :The Ultimate Dragon Build New 1.10!!!’ by DIVINE GAMES