Ultimate Guide: Free Games on Nintendo Switch 2023-2024!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Download Free Games on Nintendo Switch 2023 2024!’ by Mike Odyssey

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Video guide: get free Nintendo Switch games from eShop, top 10 highlighted, search genres, demos available, check news section, subscribe for community.

Key Insights

  • The video is a guide on how to get free games on the Nintendo Switch.
  • The narrator explains that you can find free games in the Nintendo eShop by browsing through the price range and selecting free games.
  • The video highlights the top 10 free games on the Nintendo Switch, including Fortnite, Fall Guys, Assault 9, Tetris 99, Rocket League, and more.
  • The narrator demonstrates how to search for specific genres of games, such as first-person shooters or adventure games, by using the sorting options in the eShop.
  • The video also mentions that demos are a great way to play free games before purchasing, and they can be found in the eShop by browsing the price range for free games.
  • The narrator suggests checking the news section on the home screen for Nintendo's recommendations of free-to-play games.
  • The video encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel and join a family-friendly Nintendo community.

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Welcome to the Odyssey, I am Mike Odyssey and I want to say congratulations if you just got your brand new Switch, wait for your birthday, happy birthday by the way, or you got it for the holidays, or you just plain earned it right, you got your new Switch and now you want to get some games, well I’m going to teach you how to get free games on your Nintendo Switch right now, without wasting your time.

What you’re going to do first here is on the main screen is go to the eShop right here, Nintendo eShop, click on that, once you get here click on your profile here, and then wait for it to load, which is a little fun screen you get here with the Nintendo eShop, and right off the back you’re in the eShop, there you have it, those are the featured games right there, great games, but what you want to go is on search, browser, right there see, and then right where it says price range, that’s where you want to be, click on there, once you get here it loads, you’ll see basically browse by price range, you go all the way to the bottom, and that’s where you see all of the free games, but that doesn’t end there, view more, yep, and there you have it, right there all you see is free games.

Now it’s really cool because right here it says best sellers, so it’ll actually categorize for you in the best selling games, and if you ask me, I agree, here are the top 10 free games on Nintendo Switch, starting with Fortnite, you got Fall Guys, you have Assault 9, you have Tetris 99, you have Rocket League, Super Kirby Clash, Pokemon Unite, Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, you know this Indie Games Guide Children of the Light is amazing, and so many more other games you can download here.

Alright so now let’s say you want to look for a specific game, right because right now you see here the best sellers, but what if you just want to get a different game, just racing games or just shooter games or whatever, you can go ahead and click with your joystick on to the right joystick, click to the right, and it’ll open this little menu here where you can actually, you can kind of sort by what you want to see, free games of course we keep it there, and genre, you click on there, and you see adventure games, arcades, board games, communication, education, fighting, first person shooter, style for example, let’s go here and see what comes up, and it’ll actually kind of sort it by the first person shooters you see here, these are all first person shooter free games that you see there, now let’s go ahead in here and try again, let’s go for adventure, click there again, and it’ll sort the games by adventure, see all these games are adventure, they’re all 100% free.

Alright, and then again the same exact thing, you can go here and let’s say you like Mario games because Mario games are platformers, well you want to look for Mario games or similar games to Mario platformers, go there and then go here and it’ll load all the games that are platformers as well, so there you have it, there’s another way you can get free games right, and I’m talking about the main line games, the really expensive games, and these are through demos right, when you open demos right here.

So let’s say you’re coming from the eShop, go to browse, and then you come here, right, remember price range, that’s where we’ve got the free games, now here you can get free games, yes free games because you can download them for free, but they’re demos right, and the demos have a lot of playing time on them, for example, here we have demos for let’s say this GS7, My Little Universe, you know, Gumbrella, Super Adventure Hand, Adventure of the Abandoned Rabbit, and this is where you would get a lot of demos, moving out to, let’s say for example, moving out right, it’s $29, when you click on the actual game, you’ll see right below it, it says demo right, download the demo, and the cool thing is that when you download the demo, you don’t have to enter any payment information, it’ll just download just like that, okay.

So those are really good ways to start playing games if you just got your Nintendo Switch, or if you’re looking for something free, or you wanna try something out before you buy, look at this, even Pikmin 4, a first party Nintendo game that just came out recently, has a demo, you can download it and try that game for free, and again, all of these games, they have a lot of game time, a lot of playing time right, and so they can help you kind of make up your mind whether you wanna buy them or not, and these games here, they change all the time, the same with the free games, they change all of the time.

Another way you can find free games is from your home screen, believe it or not, if you go over to the news, in the news, Nintendo will give you a little square like this, it says free to play, and they’ll kind of give you selections, their recommendations, right now, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Sky Children of the Light, Super, Animal Royale, that one is a fun one, Pokemon Unite, Coloring Pages, Dauntless, Trey Races, Rocket League, Guardian Tales, Color Zen, this is like a Zelda game here, so if you like Zelda, Guardian Tales is for you, Assault 9 is a really good racing game, RPG Maker, Jump Rope Challenge, and so much more guys.

So there you have it, let me know if you found this video helpful, and not only ask for you to subscribe, join the community because if you just got your Switch, you wanna join an awesome Nintendo community, to make friends, this is a family-oriented place, so you’ll never see anything that offends you, or out of place, no cursing allowed, and this is just a fun overall place to have friends, and make friends in the Nintendo world, so thank you guys so much for watching, before I let you go, don’t forget to subscribe, and never give up, and journey on, peace!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Download Free Games on Nintendo Switch 2023 2024!’ by Mike Odyssey