Ultimate Oxium Guide for Warframe Beginners 2023

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Best Way To Get Oxium In Warframe | 2023 beginners guide’ by Tipsy

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Two methods: defense missions on Phobos/Jupiter or completing bounties in Fortuna/Cetus yield Oxium in Warframe; recommended using farming frames and full party.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses two methods of farming Oxium, a rare resource in the game Warframe.
  • The first method involves completing defense missions on Phobos or Jupiter, specifically Gullivore on Phobos (level 10-15 Corpus) and Io on Jupiter (level 15-20).
  • It is recommended to have a full party in the Jupiter mission to increase spawn rates.
  • Killing Oxium Ospreys quickly is crucial as they can self-destruct and deny Oxium drops.
  • Enemies in these missions also have a chance to drop Hexenon, providing an additional resource.
  • Completing 10 waves in the defense mission is suggested for better results.
  • The first method is ideal when using boosters and having a farming frame like Nekros or Khora.
  • The second method involves completing bounties in either Fortuna or Cetus.
  • Bounties in Cetus are recommended due to their lower level.
  • The Oxium drop chance ranges from 15-20% per stage of the bounty.
  • Completing the first two stages and searching for Grineer Caches yields Oxium quickly.
  • The bounty method is more luck-based, but completing both stages can provide a chance to get up to 400 Oxium in less than 5 minutes if efficient.
  • For newer players playing solo, the bounty method is recommended, while using a farming frame like Nekros or Khora and having a full party on Io is advantageous.
  • Both methods have their advantages, and the choice depends on individual preferences, time availability, and desired quantity of Oxium.
  • The video suggests checking the YouTube channel and subscribing for more Warframe content, and it also mentions the Twitch channel where Warframe streams are conducted.

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Alright, I’m Tipsy, and welcome back to another video. Today we will quickly go over how to farm and actually get Oxium. Oxium is a fairly rare resource which will drop from Oxium Ospreys, which can be found in all Corpus missions. We will be going over two methods; the first one is normal defense missions, and the other one is bounties.

There are two different missions I recommend, one for early game and one that is recommended if you have access to it. The first one is on Phobos, which is the first mission you get access to and has a higher chance of dropping Oxium or getting the Ospreys to spawn. This mission is called Gullivore, a defense mission for level 10-15 Corpus. If you don’t have access to Jupiter yet, I would recommend doing this one if you are going for the mission way.

The other one is on Jupiter, and it’s called Io. This is the Io mission, a level 15-20 mission. I do recommend getting a full party as that will affect the number of spawns. With a full party, you will have 4 times the amount of mob density and more mobs spawning in the mission. So it is recommended to do it with a full party if you have access to it.

When you start the mission, head down to the objective. It’s a normal defense mission. I recommend using a Necros or Cora to increase the drop rate. If you don’t have them yet, you can farm them or go with a frame you like to use.

As the mission goes on, look out for the Vepus Oxium Ospreys. You want to kill them quickly because they have the ability to self-destruct, preventing you from getting any Oxium. These flying drones will drop a bit of Oxium when killed.

Also, note that the enemies in this mission have a chance of dropping Hexenon, so you can passively farm Hexenon while farming Oxium in this mission.

After completing 5 waves, I did it in 7 minutes to show you this mission. But I recommend going for 10 waves to get better results. In my run, I got 114 Oxium and 13 Hexenon as a bonus.

This is the first method I recommend if you have a booster and a Necros or Cora as they help get more Oxium. Otherwise, you can try the other method, which is the bounty method.

For the second method, you can do it in Venus’s Fortuna or in Cetus. I would recommend Cetus because it’s a lower level. If you have access to Fortuna, you can do it there too. This method relies more on luck, with a 15-20% chance of getting Oxium in each stage.

To start, go to the Consul or Bounty Giver and check the available bounties. The first two bounty tiers provide access to Oxium. You can get 100 Oxium as a common reward in the first tier and 200 Oxium in the second tier. Pick the mission you prefer. I’ll do the second one for a higher chance of dropping more Oxium.

Complete the first two stages of the bounty. In these missions, find the Grineer Caches and open them up. Look for a cache that looks like this and find three of them in the area.

After completing the stages, we did the mission in around 6 minutes and got 200 Oxium from the first stage. There’s a chance of getting Oxium in the first and second stages. We did the first stage to complete the mission and then left. You can stay in the mission and keep doing the bounty repeatedly. If you’re lucky, you can get up to 400 Oxium in under 5 minutes if you do the mission optimally.

For newer players doing it solo, I recommend the bounty way of doing two stages and hoping to get the 200 Oxium. If you have access to Necros or Cora as a farming frame and have a full party or doing it on Steel Path for more resources, IO is a recommendation because you can keep farming it. The bounty method is more reliant on luck, while IO allows continuous farming. If you have everything you need, you can get a lot of Oxium in IO too. The bounty way is quick, ideal when you need a small amount. For example, if you need the Archwing launcher, you’ll need 1300 Oxium, and you can get it in under an hour using this method.

Feel free to check me on twitch.tv where we do Warframe streams almost every day. This is the video. Hopefully, this helped you and you are on a good way to grind your Oxium now. Also, check out the other guys on the YouTube channel and consider subscribing. Thanks for watching. Take care, bye-bye.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Best Way To Get Oxium In Warframe | 2023 beginners guide’ by Tipsy