Ultimate Warlock Arc Build Guide | Destiny 2 Season of the Witch

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘FULL CHARGE CARNAGE!! | Endgame Arc Warlock Build | Destiny 2 Season of the Witch’ by Freakydude99

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Arc Warlock build focuses on insane ability regeneration and lightning-based attacks, recommended for PvE activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls, utilizing Chaos Reach super, Ball Lightning melee ability, Pulse Grenade, Electrostatic Mind and Arc Soul aspects, specific weapon choices, arc heavy machine guns, artifact perks, Fallen Sunstar exotic helmet, armor mods and stat focusing for resilience, discipline, recovery, and strength.

Key Insights

  • The video presents an Arc Warlock build for PvE activities.
  • The build focuses on insane ability regeneration and the constant use of lightning-based attacks.
  • It is recommended for activities like completing Grandmaster Nightfalls or Imbaru Engine puzzles.
  • The build includes details about subclass abilities, weapon choices, armor mods, and artifact perks.
  • The Chaos Reach super is recommended for massive focus damage on champions and bosses.
  • Ball Lightning melee ability is preferred over Chain Lightning for its extra range and damage potential.
  • Pulse Grenade is suggested for its strong damage output and quick recharge rate.
  • Electrostatic Mind aspect is crucial for generating ionic traces, which amplify abilities and recharge energy quickly.
  • Arc Soul aspect creates an arc buddy when casting a rift, which deals consistent damage and generates ionic traces.
  • Various weapons are recommended, including Trinity Ghoul, Coldheart, Symmetry, and fusion rifles for stunning champions.
  • The Eleatic Principle, Terminus Horizon, The Swarm, and Planked Stride are recommended as arc heavy machine guns.
  • Several artifact perks are mentioned, such as anti-champion weapon perks, enhancements for specific weapon types, and abilities for generating ionic traces and increasing damage.
  • The Fallen Sunstar helmet is suggested as an exotic, enhancing the effectiveness of ionic traces and providing constant ability energy.
  • Various armor mods are recommended to enhance grenade and melee energy, increase rift energy, resist damage, and improve super energy generation.
  • Stat focusing is suggested to prioritize resilience (100), discipline, recovery (up to 50), and strength.
  • The build is considered effective for next season, even without specific artifact perks, and is suitable for challenging activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls.

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Heyo everyone, it’s FreakyDude99, and today I deliver an Arc Warlock build that is sure to make you go, hmm, nice. The end game build is a monster when it comes to PvE, as the insane ability regen means you’re constantly throwing lightning strikes and jolting your enemies. It’s perfect to close the season with, whether you’re getting your Grandmaster Nightfalls completed or just trying to finish the Imbaru Engine puzzles. This build will make anything a breeze for you and your allies.

Of course, if you need a picture of the build, there’s one at the end of the video, along with a dim link in the description for easy copying. Without further ado, let’s jump into the build.

Beginning with the subclass, we have our super, Chaos Reach, for massive focus damage on champions and bosses. Make sure to stun your champion before using it, and then when you do, try to line up the beam to hit enemies behind your main target for some extra orbs of power.

Now for our rift, we’re taking Healing Rift as we are in PvP and looking to take on master-level activities. The bonus to survivability is always worth it and makes holding down a plate or an objective a lot easier.

Then for our melee, we go ahead and grab Ball Lightning. Having that extra range over Chain Lightning is important, as getting close in harder content could mean the end for us. Being amplified will also make the ball strike 3 times for more damage, so make sure to check that you’re amplified before throwing it out.

Next, we take Pulse Grenade for its really strong damage. It’s perfect to throw on a stunned champion or in a group of enemies to clear them out. We get our grenade back really quickly, so we can afford to take the higher cooldown as we just spam these everywhere.

Moving on to our first aspect, we have Electrostatic Mind. So our arc ability takedowns on enemies affected by Jolt are blind, create ionic traces. And then ionic traces make us amplified. It’s a must-use aspect and allows us to generate insane amounts of ionic traces, which themselves track towards us and give 12.5% grenade and melee energy and 15% rift energy. Being able to create lots of them means we get our abilities back super quickly and can spam them as much as we want. We also become amplified at all times because the traces are everywhere, so our ball lightning does get its bonus pretty much constantly.

And then for our second aspect, we have Arc Soul, so when we cast our rift, we create an Arc buddy for us and anyone who steps through the rift. The Arc buddy lasts for 15 seconds and is pretty strong, especially when you’re amplified. The buddy takedowns count as arc ability takedowns, so it works with Electrostatic Mind, but it doesn’t count as ability damage for things like Monochromatic Maestro. Either way, the buddy is amazing for consistent damage and final hitting enemies for ionic traces, and it just gets even better when you amplify it.

For our first fragment, we have Spark of Discharge, so our arc weapon final blows create ionic traces. It works by filling a meter depending on the rank of the defeated enemy, but you’ll at least get an ionic trace every 3 enemy takedowns. Then Spark of Magnitude will increase our pulse grenades to 8 pulses from 6 for the sweet extra damage that gives. Spark of Resistance gives us 25% damage resist while within 15 meters of at least 3 enemies. With how add-dense activities are nowadays, you’ll always be benefiting from this. And then Spark of Shock, so our pulse grenade applies jolt for some big, big damage, especially on stunned champions.

And that’ll do for the subclass, onto the weapons. For our main weapon of choice, I’ve been personally loving Trinity Cool as it’s anti-barrier bows this season and it gets that overcharged buff. It’s arc as well, so it creates ionic traces through Spark of Discharge, and it’s just super fun to use in low to mid-level content. Grandmasters is where its power will taper off, but up to that point, it’s awesome.

Coldheart is also really good in low to mid-content. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stun champions this season, but it’s still great in content where there aren’t any present, as it can generate a crazy amount of ionic traces, so be sure to just hop into a strike playlist to try it out.

Now for a weapon you probably haven’t used in forever, Symmetry. It’s surprisingly powerful and is perfect for a ranged arc weapon to take into Grandmaster Nightfalls, where you’re usually playing a lot safer and from a distance. I highly recommend giving it a shot, as it sure as hell surprised me.

Now, since we primarily use an arc weapon, our kinetic slot is mostly used for champions stunning weapons. If we can do it, we ideally use a fusion rifle with the unstoppable rounds, so Deliverance and Riptide are great stasis fusion rifles, and then Pressurized Precision and Nox Perennial V are solid strand ones to use. If we choose not to use an exotic energy weapon, then some solid legendary choices are Ikelos SMG with Feeding Frenzy and Volt Chant, and then Tripwire Canary with Explosive Head and Archer’s Tempo. They are both solid arc weapons you can get from the exotic Seraph Station mission. And then if you played during Season of Plunder, you have Tarnished Metal, which is a scout rifle that can roll Demolitionist Volt Chant, which is shockingly good.

And then for our heavy weapons, we run an arc heavy machine gun. This season has a decent one being Eleatic Principle, but its rolls are a little subpar. If you have Terminus Horizon, The Swarm, or Planked Stride, they are all great as they can roll stuff that helps out with their ammo economy and then give them some big extra damage like Target Lock or One for All.

And that’ll do for the weapons, now onto the artifact perks where we can pick up four anti-champion weapon perks. These give overcharge to the weapons as well, which give them a 25% damage boost in legend and higher activities. Then we grab Origin Perk Specialization 1, which enhances the origin traits on weapons from Season of the Witch, Season of the Deep, Crota’s End, and Lightfall. These enhancements can be pretty big, so it’s worth having. We also grab Origin Perk Specialization 2, so those same weapons get the overcharged buff. And then Elemental Orbs Arc, so we can cause more carnage and just jolt more enemies.

Column 4, we grab Overload Machine Guns to help stun champions and for the overcharge buff on our machine guns. Then Elemental Fury for the 35% increased ability damage and 75% increased elemental orb damage on stunned champions, so always wait to stun a champion before blasting them with your grenade and melee. Then if you’re using a bow or scout rifle, make sure to grab Semi-Auto Strikers so you can generate armor charges from a distance. It helps a lot in Grandmaster Nightfalls where you can’t pick up an orb of power all the time. If you’re not using this, then go and grab Refreshing Pickups for 33% ability energy to your least charged ability when you pick up an elemental orb.

And then for Column 5, we grab Monochromatic Maestro for the almost constant 10% increase to ability and arc weapon damage when we’re dealing damage with the opposite type. And then Elemental Embrace for a plus 50 in recovery and 50% arc damage resistance while we are amplified, which we pretty much are constantly. This helps so much with survivability as well as ensuring our recovery stat is as high as possible.

And that’ll do for the artifact perks, time to finish with the armor and mods. For our helmet, we have the exotic Fallen Sunstar and its trait Ionic Conductor enhances our ionic traces by increasing their speed and doubling their ability energy granted. So you get

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘FULL CHARGE CARNAGE!! | Endgame Arc Warlock Build | Destiny 2 Season of the Witch’ by Freakydude99