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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Wisp Prime available, Void and Bounties reliable for relics.

Key Insights

  • Key insights from the video transcript:
  • Wisp Prime is now available in Warframe.
  • The Void is a good place to farm relics, and relic packs are advantageous.
  • Lith relics can be obtained from Void, Hepit, fast captures, and exterminate missions.
  • Cetus Bounties are a good source for Lith relics, if available.
  • Meso relics can be found in normal Void missions and Ukko.
  • Iso Vaults and Cetus Bounties are also good sources for Meso relics.
  • Neo relics are higher mid-level and can be obtained from various missions, including void captures.
  • Relic packs and bounties remain reliable sources for Neo relics.
  • Axii relics are high-level and can be obtained from Cetus Bounties or missions like Lua Apollo.
  • Wisp Prime's blueprint is rare, while other parts have different rarity levels.
  • Relic packs offer a good chance to obtain new relics and their parts.
  • The same general drop rotations apply to all Wisp Prime relics.
  • Gunson Prime relics have three drop locations, and the blueprint is common, the blade is rare, and the handle is uncommon.
  • Relic packs can be purchased with Steelpath Standing and offer a good chance to get desired relics and parts.

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Everyone, Wisp Prime is now here. So let’s go over how to farm Wisp Prime and her relics. As note always, on the Void, you can get a relic drop. So Void is always a good spot to farm, and relic packs are also always overpowered. So if you go to the Codex universe, take a look for the Arcane and Amps, look for Wisp Prime. We’ll do Wisp Prime and then Fulmin Prime, and then we will do the Gunson Prime. Okay, chat? Right? Everyone loves Wisp Prime. She’s our number one, number one mommy warframe, okay? So the rule 34 is gonna be out of this world. Now if we go look at Lith, we can see that it drops from regular sources all over the map. So you’re gonna wanna go to stuff like Void, Hepit, the lower level, Fast Captures, Exterminates, whatever you prefer running in order to get those. You’ll always want to grab them generally from relic packs. And if you’re just running general missions, you should be okay running lower level missions, right? Cetus Bounties are always a good source of Lith relic drops if they’re available and actually dropping from the bounty at the time, for like Lith W3, right? So these are usually good drop choices. Void, Cetus, relic packs, and any other low level mission as you can see has a chance to drop it. The Circuit in Duvery, right? So you can go hardcore on Earth or Venus or Mars, and there’s a decent chance you’ll get that. So keep that in mind. So that’s for Lith, and that’ll get you the Wisp Prime Chassis Blueprint at Rare, okay? So the nice thing is the Rare is a Wisp relic, or sorry, a Rare Lith Wisp relic, so it’s not actually that bad. You can see Larkspur’s Prime Stock, right, other stuff, etc, etc. Next we have the Mesa one, and that one is also very regular, right? You can get it from normal Void missions, Ukko, right? And for that I think the Meso and Neo relic share drop tables on the Void, so it’s gonna be a mix-up between that. But Void’s always, again, a good spot to farm. Since Meso’s mid-level, it drops literally everywhere at a much higher amount than the previous Lith relic, right? You can get it from Iso Vaults as well as Cetus Bounties, so if they’re dropping there, not that bad of a drop rate, right? This will give you the Wisp Prime Neuroptics Blueprint as an Uncommon, so as usual, that’s not terrible, a Meso Uncommon. But I’d probably stick to farming Void, relic packs, bounties, and then you just have the general drop sources here, right? Like Archwing, Hemocyte, stuff like that. If you like farming the Hemocyte, it’s fun for a little bit, but I don’t prefer it. Next we’ll look at the Neo D7 Relic. We can see that it has Wisp Prime Systems as a common drop, so you’re actually probably gonna get really lucky here, and then Dual Karas Prime Blueprint is rare, so yeah, it’s all over the place in that regard. As you can see, this one also drops everywhere because it’s a Neo, so it’s like higher mid-level, and that means that it’ll usually be on the C or B drop rotations, depending on how high of a level of Bounty Mission you’re doing, so keep that in mind. You can still get it from fast Void Capture Missions like Ukko and whatnot, so yeah, right? That’s not too bad. You can still get it from relic sources, right? Relic packs, all of that, so it’s good there. It’s always best, if you can, to farm fast missions like Exterminate, Capture, Rescue, but Bounties have very good drop rates, so again, they’re still kind of the same. That’s the thing about relics, is they’re all kind of the same. You can still go to Draco-Siros if you like that one, but remember that. You just run missions and you’ll get them. Last one for Wisp Prime is Axii W3, and of course, the Wisp Prime Blueprint is the rare, okay? Dang, of course, of course, Wisp Prime Blueprint is the rare. And it has all the regular drop rotations. See if I move my facecam, it’s all like, they’re all Cetus Bounties, right? Okay? All of them are Cetus Bounties, so you can go do the mid to lower to higher level Cetus Bounties to try to get the Wisp Relics, as long as they’re dropping the Wisp Relics. I think they can rotate, so just pay attention to that, you know? Other than that, high level missions, right? People can go to, what, some people like Yuri Uranus, a lot of people like Lua Apollo. I think that is still number one choice, is Lua Apollo, but other than that, still pick up a ton of Relic Packs, you can get it, still run higher level missions and run it to B and run it to C drop rotations in order to get Axii Relics if you’re casually playing. If not, yeah, Lua Apollo, that’s usually where you’re gonna want to go because you can get an instant B drop rotation pretty much, and then like second round C drop rotation, something like that. But that is how you get Wisp Prime herself. If we then look for the Fulmin’ Prime, we can see that Lith H9, Meso P13, Neo F2, as well as Axii H7 are the Relics. They have the patch notes there, nice, nice. We can see that Lith H9 drops the Fulmin’ Prime Blueprint, the Meso P13 drops the Fulmin’ Prime Barrel, the Neo F2 drops the Fulmin’ Prime Receiver, ooh, that one’s rare, and the Axii H7 drops the Fulmin’ Prime Stock. So all in all, not bad, not bad. And last, we have the Gunson Prime, and that only has three drop locations, right? It has Meso G5, and that drops the Gunson Prime Blade at rare. So many of these are rare, god. Next we have the Neo C4, and that drops the Gunson Prime Blueprint at a common, right? Not bad, not bad. And finally, we have Neo T7, for the Gunson Prime handle at uncommon, and yeah. As always, they are the exact same general drop rotations as the other Wisp Prime relics and stuff. It’s all the same general drop rotations, or locations rotations, etc. So keep that in mind, lower level for Lith, mid-lower level for Meso, mid-higher level for Neo, and then higher level for Axii, right? You should be good to go farming up all of these relics, right? If you just look through here, you can see. If you just take a look at relic packs quickly over here, I’m going to say Hide Owned. Let me quickly buy the new Augment Mods, and then you can see that relic packs, if we buy three, right? Decent chance. Boom! Axii W3 Wisp Prime Blueprint. Okay? Boom! Gunson Prime Blade Blueprint out of that. So we got two good ones, right? Instantly, we got two good ones. We got a Gunson Prime Blueprint, we got a Wisp Prime Chassis Blueprint. Oh my, oh beautiful. The luck off of these relic packs are insane. Gunson Prime Blade right there, so that’s why I would always recommend people buy the relic packs. They’re great sources of very fast chances of getting the good new relics. You can buy them using Steelpath Standing, all of that. If we take a look at this one, oh my god, Gunson Prime Blade, right? Did we get any Wisp Prime parts? I don’t think so. Oh, that was a Fulmin Prime one, nice. Another Wisp Prime part, nice, nice. We’re trying to get a little bit of everything, right? Gunson Prime, Garuda, not another Wisp part, but that’s okay. And here we get Wisp Prime Neuroptics Blueprint. Look at how much relic packs you need. You don’t even need a ton, so keep that in mind and hopefully you’ll get lucky. As always, subscribe, like, check out the YouTube Pupsker. We have the second YouTube Pupsker Genshin, as well as all the social medias. Everything should be Pupsker. So like, subscribe, favorite, rate, do a backflip, and then YY360 no scope if possible. Thank you, thank you.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Where To Farm Wisp Prime & Weapons! Warframe Hunters’ by Pupsker