Uncle Ben Tek: Easy Mushroom Growing Method

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Uncle Ben’s Tek: Inexpensive Way to Grow Mushrooms (My First Harvest)’ by EazyBlueThumb

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
A video demonstrates growing mushrooms in dub tubs with innovative methods, including secret solution, stability taping, one-week growth, eight-day progress, harvest techniques, AC Infinity snips, binaural beats, and gratitude to viewers in a 54-day journey.

Key Insights

  • The video is about someone growing mushrooms using a dub tub method.
  • They use a fresh secret solution to spray the inside walls of the tubs.
  • The tubs are taped down to ensure stability.
  • The mushrooms are left to grow for about a week.
  • The video shows the progress of the mushrooms over the course of eight days.
  • On harvest day, the mushrooms are cut or twisted and pulled from the substrate.
  • The person uses AC Infinity snips to cut the mushrooms flush.
  • Binaural beats are played for the mushrooms during the growing process.
  • The video ends with gratitude to viewers and a total of 54 days from beginning to harvest.

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Yo, yo, what’s going on shroomies and shroomettes? You already know why we are here. Let’s get straight to it. Oh man, that looks beautiful. Oh, we let’s go, baby. Yeah, that’s nice. Let’s see how this next one is doing. Oh man, that smells so good. Look at that. Look at that. Let’s go. All right, we’re going to grab our top portion, six quart dub tubs. And we’re going to go ahead and spray the inside walls with some fresh secret solution that I have here in this black flare-saw bottle. It’s really just some seven pH water, nothing too fancy. It’s got the logo on it, so you know what I’m saying? Okay, we’re going to go ahead and give four light mist. You don’t want to saturate too much. Don’t get silly. And then we’re going to go ahead and spray the inside walls with water. And you want to just shake off that bead that piles up because it’s going to get a nice running bead. And you want to get that out of there first before it drops all on your cake and have big old water drops. I don’t know how damaging that could be, but we don’t want none of that. I’m going to go ahead and place the lid on top with just a slight crack so you can get some fresh air exchange. Now, this container is bowed out, so it’s getting plenty on all four sides. Okay, we’re going to go ahead and do the same for light mist. And we’re going to go ahead and do the same to the lid of our dub tub. Let’s go. Hey man, I’m hype, man. Okay, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to tape the sides of these tubs down just because they’re a little bowed and there it’s not too thick on either side where I feel comfortable enough. It won’t tip over while I’m at work or whatever the case may be. You know, mishap, freak mishap. My luck. Don’t need it. Let’s tape it. Let’s eliminate that and know that we’re sturdy and we’re good to go. Okay, now that we have everything set, we’re going to let these do their thing for about a week or so. And hopefully we’ll have some pins. Let’s go. Don’t know if you can see this on camera, but these are pins right there, baby. Let’s go to start up something beautiful. We got another one, baby. Okay. All right, and we’re back. Eight days later. And those are the same ones I was getting hyped about. Yeah, keep my eyes on those things. Now. Now we see some action. Okay. Okay. You know, I think this is going to be a nice canopy we’re going to have here. There’s a lot of pins. Oh, wait. This is what I like to wake up to in the morning. Yeah. Let’s go. Look at that. Nine days. Okay. All right, that’s nice. And as I’m opening it, I do give it a quick little fan. Nothing too crazy. And then we spray the tub and reset it back. Look at this. And so far, I’m proud of the way this is coming out. Look at that nice little cluster. Yeah, that is beautiful. Look at nature work. It’s a controlled environment, but that’s still nature. I take no credit. All right, the moment we have all been waiting for. Harvest Day. Let’s go. Okay. So before y’all get all crazy and be like, “Oh, you should have waited. You should have waited.” Just a few hours longer, but a majority of these mushrooms, the veil was already torn, even though it may not look like it. But once I got in there and started chopping them down, they were torn or just about to tear or, you know, have like very, very slight tearing to it. So this is what we got. Isn’t that beautiful? Look at that color. Yeah, that’s nice. Look at that outer ring. And how the color just fades into that dark, dark brown. So I’m going to try to pull some of them. I’m going to try to cut some. See which method works the best. A first one. Hello there. Let’s go. And that’s so cool. I have these fresh AC Infinity snips. They have like a curve in it so you don’t have to get all in there, you know, and be level as the blade has a curve. It’s pretty dope. Yeah, they’re pulling out pretty nice. All right. Look, look, I’m so hyped to just get in there and cut. Look, look, I’m so, I’m so hyped to just get in there and cut. I can’t even get my big hand in there. This small tub. But a lot of them just twist and pull, twist and pull. And this tub right here was the one that we inoculated on April 12th. The one that had less amount of substrate, as you can see how much the cake has shrunk. A lot of these are twist and pull, twist and pull. Start using the snips once the mushroom is pulling up the substrate and doesn’t want to twist. Super hype shoomies. What do you say? How we do? This is nice. OK, you see what these snips, how the curve allows you to hold it at any weird angle pretty much and get right down in there with the substrate, get close to the base of the stem. So that way you can cut it flush. So I like these. These are the AC Infinities. Costs like, I think, nine bucks or something like that. So definitely recommend getting these. This was a cool experience. Even sitting down here, just harvesting them one by one was nice because you really get to examine each one, look at it, and get to feel it. Very dope. And for those wondering, yes, I do play binaural beats for my mushrooms. I tried it out because it’s just a frequency thing, you know? So I play 528 frequency, 24-hour stream. I just keep it in there. When I come home from work, if it’s dead, I’ll just charge it up and put it back in there. Snip some of those nasty tips off. We don’t want none of that. All right, so let’s go ahead and get to this. I’m going to continue and harvest. I’m going to leave some that were need to sit for a little bit. I’m going to work on the next one because we have two tubs. All right. All right, look at this. See, this is what happens when you wait. Look at that beautiful canopy. And look at that. So hype. Let’s go, shroomies. We did it. Successful harvest. Oh man, look at that. Smells beautiful. Some nice caps. We did good. We did good. All right, let’s get in there. Same thing. Try to do this with some organization and try to do a clean sweep all the way. While I’m doing this, I just want to take the time out to say thank you for everyone for joining me on this journey. It’s been a beautiful experience. And we’re just looking forward to growing, evolving, trying new things, expanding the channel. And I’m glad you guys are a part of this. For real, for real, man. Means a lot. And I want to give a huge salute to 92nd Mycology. All you shroomies and shroomettes, go check out his channel if you haven’t already. Plenty of dope, knowledgeable videos filled with knowledge. Y’all go check it out. Man, this is a beautiful experience. You’d be surprised how strong these mushrooms are, sitting here rubbing the top of the cap, man. Those things are barely moving. Pretty dope. Guess they wonder why they push through concrete and push through wood and all types of things. Magnificent. Beautiful, beautiful. Yeah, so all I’m doing here is just trying to get the mushroom that I cut that fell in between the substrate and the container. But look at that. I got some nice coverage all over there. We didn’t get too many side pins, which is pretty neat. I guess we did a good job. I’m just going to go ahead and put this back in the same way so it doesn’t break. And I know there’s a few in there that I could have harvested but they weren’t ready and I have nothing to do. So we’ll wait a few more hours, let them open and we’ll chop down the rest of them. I’m going to weigh this up and see what we got. Look at that. So all in all, from beginning to end, April 10th to June 3rd, we got 54 days, just under two months. We did it, Shroomies. First harvest, Uncle Ben’s in the books. Let’s go!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Uncle Ben’s Tek: Inexpensive Way to Grow Mushrooms (My First Harvest)’ by EazyBlueThumb