Unlock Your Devil Fruit’s Potential: Awakened Techniques in Blox Fruits Game

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Blox Fruits How To Awaken Devil Fruit! Roblox’ by Sike chrome

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
The video teaches how to awaken fruits in Bloxfruits using money or a fruit, entering a secret code on Punk Hazard or Half Cold Half Hot Island to access a scientist who offers raids with rewards that can be used to purchase and upgrade abilities in a yellow room, and also briefly mentions a raid in the third sea.

Key Insights

  • Key Insights from the Video:
  • The video is a tutorial about how to awaken fruits in the game Bloxfruits.
  • There are specific fruits that can be awakened: Flame, Ice, Dark, Light, Magma, Quake, Buddha, String, and Rumble.
  • To awaken fruits, you need either 100,000 money or a fruit.
  • The awakening process takes place on Punk Hazard or the Half Cold Half Hot Island in the game.
  • Inside the factory on the island, a secret code consisting of red, blue, green, and blue buttons needs to be entered to access the awakening place.
  • After inputting the secret code, an entrance opens up and leads to a ladder that takes you to the mysterious scientist.
  • The mysterious scientist offers a selection of raids for different fruits, and you can choose the appropriate raid for the fruit you have in your inventory.
  • Once inside the raid, you need to stand in the dark blue spaces and click the green button to start.
  • The raids consist of multiple islands, and you have to defeat enemies on each island.
  • Completing an island rewards you with an extra Sky Jump, and a boat arrives to take you to the next island.
  • The raids continue through five islands, and on the final island, a boss with approximately 100,000 health appears.
  • Defeating the boss and the enemies rewards you with fragments.
  • Fragments can be used to purchase and upgrade abilities specific to the awakened fruit in a special yellow room.
  • The video also briefly discusses how to do a raid in the third sea, which involves going to the floating castle and activating the raid from a specific room.

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Hey everyone, welcome back! Today I’ll be showing you how to awaken fruits in Bloxfruits.

Before we get into it, if you haven’t already, please like and subscribe. It’s free and it really helps me out. Let’s get straight into it.

There are only a certain amount of fruits at the moment that can be awakened. Those fruits are Flame, Ice, Dark, Light, Magma, Quake, Buddha, String, and Rumble. So to awaken those, you will first off need either 100,000 money or a fruit.

Now I will be grabbing a spare fruit. I’ve got two bombs so I will use a bomb. Now I am in the second sea because this is where you can start to awaken your fruits. If you see where I’m heading, I’m heading to the green zone. And off to the left of the green zone, behind it, is Punk Hazard or the Half Cold Half Hot Island. Alright, I am at the island now.

To the right is Smoke Admiral Boss. And to the left, right here, is the factory. Once you go inside, to get to the awakening place, you need to put in a secret code. As you can see, the secret code is red, blue, green, blue.

So when you come in, it will start blank so click the first one once. This one three times. The third one, two times. The last one, three times. And you will get that code.

And over to the left, you will see this entrance has opened up. You can go through here, up this ladder. And when you reach the top, there will be a mysterious scientist. Before you do that, grab the chest. It’s just free money. You might as well.

Now you can go talk to the mysterious scientist. And select a raid. So there’s Fire, Ice, Quake, Light, Dark, String, Rumble, Magma, and Buddha.

With your fruit, if you’ve just got a fruit in your inventory, it will automatically pay for the raid no matter what fruit it is. And let’s say, right now, if I had Flame, then I would choose Flame Raid. Click on that. And I would accept this. I’d trade slash buy it. As you can see, my bomb fruit has disappeared and I now have a special microchip.

Now, all you have to do is stand in one of these things. Three other people can come along. When they stand in there, they’ll be green. You have to stand in the dark blue ones. And click this green button. It says loading map. You can get out if you want. You can stay in.

And then, you’ll be teleported. Up there, it says welcome to the raids. Some of your abilities may be disabled. Get ready. And then, enemies start spawning. You cannot use Observation Haki. And, as you can see, my Sky Jumps, or at least most of them, are gone now. You will have to face five islands worth of enemies before you can awaken your fruit.

One of the best fruits for raids is Buddha. Because it’s a giant tank and you can just spam melee clicks and everything will die. As you can see, I have completed the first island. It’s cleared. A boat has arrived and you now have one Sky Jump. Every island you complete, you get an extra Sky Jump. The boat is to get to the next islands. They’ll all be in a line. So, here’s the second island. At the final island, there will be a boss. The final island is the fifth island.

Alright, I am at the second island right now. And, enemies start spawning again. Another strategy is if you do not have Buddha because you want to awaken a certain fruit, then you can either get another Buddha person to help you complete the raid much faster, or you can just fly up if you have a flight ability or some ability that makes you go really high. Like this.

And then, use one of your abilities. Like, let’s say Noxious Shot. All the enemies go there, underneath you. You can use your ability and it does damage to all of them. As you can see, it’s doing damage to lots and lots of them. If you continuously do that, hopefully before the timer runs out, you will get to the end. There we go. Island two defeated. Now I’m at island three. I will head up. Charge up my ability, wait for everything to come underneath me, and there we go. And make sure you go far enough away so that the shockers do not hit you, because they can hit you from very far away, and it’s really annoying.

As you can see, I am in island three right now, and flame users are starting to pop up. Flame users are pretty annoying since they shoot projectiles that can go pretty much as far as you are. Right, there we go. Island three cleared.

To buy a raid, you need to be roughly around level 1100 or above. Otherwise, it will not allow you to buy the raid. But anyone who’s in the second sea can join a raid. So if you’re level 700 and you want to upgrade something, just join a raid for that specific fruit. Complete it, and there we go.

Island four cleared, and now I am onto boss island. Once you get onto island five, enemies will start spawning, and then a countdown will begin. Boss spawning in, three, two, one, and there we go. The boss has a giant marker so you know where they are, and they use the awakened version of the fruit. So let’s say now I’m in flame raid. The boss will use awakened flame, and the boss has roughly 100,000 health, so you better be really careful.

I think I have defeated all of the enemies aside from the boss, and I’ve got 1 minute 28 left so I better hurry up. As you can see, I have defeated the boss and all the enemies. I get fragments, and there we go. I’ve completed it, it says your time.

If I had a fruit that could be awakened, and I did that specific raid for that fruit, like I just did the fire raid. So if I had fire fruit, then I would be teleported to this big yellow room, where you could buy one of the abilities, and upgrade it for fragments. It does cost quite a bit altogether, the first move is usually 500,000 health. So you will need to do several raids and other things to level up, and get more fragments.

Now I’ll show you how to do a raid in the third sea. I am currently in the third sea, and I’m going to show you how to do a raid in the third sea. I am currently in the third sea, and I’m going to show you how to do a raid in the third sea.

Now I’ll show you how to do a raid in the third sea. I am in the third sea right now, just coming from poor island, and I need to head over to the castle. I am now at the floating castle, and once you reach here, you will need to go into this smaller building right over here, next to the spawn point.

If you’re just coming in the door, to your right, there is a room. This is where you buy raids and start raids. It’s like the same in sea 2, but instead of having the glass things you step into, there’s pads that you step on, and then press the button over here to activate the raid.

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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Blox Fruits How To Awaken Devil Fruit! Roblox’ by Sike chrome