Unveiling Hilarious Flaws of Reddit Relationship Advice

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Reddit Relationship Advice Is Hilariously Bad’ by Jordan Shanks

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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The YouTuber checks out a relationship advice Reddit page and discusses various posts, including infidelity suspicions, weight loss transformations, and sex tape discoveries, before concluding the video and promoting their Patreon and live seminars.

Key Insights

  • The YouTuber received a request to check out a relationship advice Reddit page.
  • The YouTuber expresses excitement but later becomes sad.
  • The YouTuber asks for suggestions for more Reddit pages with terrible advice.
  • Mention of a live show called Bruce.
  • A Reddit post is read about a white couple who had a black baby and the poster suspects infidelity.
  • Another Reddit post is read about a guy who discovers his date's weight loss transformation.
  • A Reddit post is read about a man who receives a sex tape of his wife with multiple men in the mail.
  • A Reddit post is read about a guy who finds a sex tape on his girlfriend's phone, but it's not him in the video.
  • A Reddit post is read about a guy's boyfriend constantly telling her she has body odor.
  • The YouTuber concludes the video and thanks the viewers for their contributions.
  • Promotion of the YouTuber's Patreon page and live seminars on The Bros Show.

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Well, a lot of you said you should check out our relationship advice when I asked my audience which Reddit page we’d be making fun of next. I have to say, I was very excited to look into it, then I got very sad, which I’m sure will make us all very happy collectively together. I mean, look, come on, they are on Reddit asking for advice, are they, people? A better you starts today.

So yes, BTW, if you have more Reddit pages for us to look at where people give out terrible advice and just have terrible problems in general, make sure that you put them in the comments below. Also, I have my live show, Bruce, coming at you in… Just look at those dates for a second, I can’t be bothered to read them out. I’m too busy reading all of these extremely long comments that seem to be more comprehensive than the Australian tax code. I mean, ever heard of getting to the point? No, that’s not fair, this one’s pretty concise.

Here it is. A month ago, my wife gave birth to a black baby girl. Talk about getting to the point, am I right? I’m talking about cock. Here’s some additional context that might help paint the picture a little bit better. We’re both white, damn. That birth’s pretty black and white, isn’t it? How did the woman think he wasn’t going to find out? Come on, albinos. No, no, I put my marriage on the roulette table and it came up black. I’ve started divorce proceedings. Oh, why? Just because it’s a very likely chance that the first sentence of that child will be, hello, you can’t trust your wife. Okay, well, I’m not going to read the rest of that because I think that it can all be summed up with, glad I’m not that guy.

Let’s move on to the next one, which seems much more promising as the headline is, I think I got reverse catfish last night. I don’t really understand how that works. Are you tricking yourself that you’re a Russian teen? Let’s find out.

I matched with this girl on Tinder. She was significantly bigger than the girls I normally date. I do like the anonymity of Reddit. It really makes people feel absolute meanest, doesn’t it? That guy could have started the first two sentences just as, let me just make this clear. No fat chicks. But we have literally everything in common. I’ve known them for 25 seconds. That’s more attention than I’ve ever paid to my mom in my entire life. That’s my R advice. Start dating your mom.

So after talking for a few days, we decided to meet up at this nerd bar last night. Don’t act like you’re cooler than the nerd bar. I’ve seen how many calmer points you have. I get there and pick a table and I change my mind. He’s not a nerd as he’s shooing initiative, alpha. After waiting a few minutes, this beautiful woman comes over and starts trying to flirt with me. She seems pretty strange, so I assume she must be after something. Free drinks? Drugs? My kidneys? I don’t know. So I explain to her that I’m actually waiting for someone and I don’t want to give a bad first impression by chatting up some other woman when she walks in. That’s when she springs it on me that she’s actually the one I’m waiting for. No, I don’t even know if this is reverse catfishing. This is reverse shallow how. This hot chick is making it harder for herself. And fair enough, actually, now that I think about it, if you’re a hot chick, you are the absolute totem of society. Give yourself a handicap. That’s what happens in golf. Why not life?

She told me she lost about 130 pounds over the past couple of years. Okay, being from Australia, I’ll assume that’s a lot. But if you’re from a country that has had both the imperial and metric system at some point in your life, like France, she only lost five kilos. She wants to make sure guys are actually interested in her and not just her body. All right, well, I think that we all collectively as a group just got catfished by this man. There is no way this story is real. How dare you waste our time when the entire point of this video is to waste people’s time. Moving on.

Fuck Reddit sucks. Should I, a 48 year old male, tell my 44 year old wife that I received a sex tape of her in the mail? Look, I think that we can all agree that the first step is to get post nut clarity. We’ve been married 20 years. I’ve never suspected her of cheating and our sex life has been outstanding. Yeah, I’m sure people getting close to their 50s. It’s just great. Hey, hey, let’s see who falls asleep first tonight. Me or my cock.

I received a package in the mail. It’s a DVD address to me and a type note that says, for your eyes only. It’s my wife having sex separately with three guys. Oh yeah. No wonder she never told you before because that’s airtight. Just out of curiosity, if you are a woman that has had all three holes filled at the same time, what was that like? Too much of a good thing? She was younger, much younger, wasn’t married at that time. First, I have no idea who sent it to me other than one of those three guys in the DVD, none of which I know. Yeah, it’s just an unfortunate thing about being a guy, isn’t it? Especially shaking the hand of an ex of yours. There is that little communication in the eyes of, I’ve been everywhere, man, I’ve been everywhere. Second, I have no idea why they said it. They tried to say that she was screwing around, Dobie. I know, they’re not saying she’s screwing around on you. They’re just saying that they screwed your wife first with two other guys. How does that make you feel, Mr. 50-year-old cock? I’m sure it’s even harder to get it up these days.

I think that’s it. I think they’re just trying to wig your five-decade-long winning streak out finally. So one day you’re like, you can’t get in. Honestly, why do people put this stuff on Reddit? They’re looking for serious answers for people that, let’s be honest, no one on Reddit ever has a good answer for anything. And then, even worse, down that chain, a bunch of YouTubers like me just being like, you’re pinch making me rich.

Yesterday, my wife’s best friend contacted me and told me that her husband and my wife were having an affair and my three-year-old daughter is actually his daughter. Jesus Christ. This entire thread is just transcripts of the Jerry Springer show. The only thing that’s missing is the chair, and that’s the only thing that I really want because it is people on Reddit. It’d just be great if every Redditor on Earth… Bam! Fuck you, Suck It Life! Get off this shit! Anyway, let’s continue reading Reddit notes, shall we?

I’ve been dating this girl for over five years. She’s very special to me. Aw, shut up, mate. Get to the point. One day we were chilling at her house when I asked her if she could send me the funny picture she took earlier that day of one of our puppies. I do like how in this thread there is a 50% chance that… And she sent me the wrong picture. She was having sex with it. She was busy on her PC, so she told me just to grab her phone and send it to myself. I do not know how nobody in the modern age has figured out yet that cheating is impossible now.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Reddit Relationship Advice Is Hilariously Bad’ by Jordan Shanks