Unveiling Phantom Overlay Cheats: Call of Duty’s Ricochet Anti Cheat.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How Phantom Overlay Cheats got Detected by Call of Duty Ricochet Anti Cheat’ by ItsHapa

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Ricochet Anticheat detects Phantom Overlay cheats; bans imposed by owner Zblur.

Key Insights

  • Ricochet Anticheat has detected Phantom Overlay cheats, targeting streamers.
  • Users caught using Phantom Overlay cheats have been banned and will continue to be banned.
  • The owner of Phantom Overlay, Zblur, acknowledged the detection and apologized, stating that the cheats will be back stronger than ever.
  • Ricochet delay bans to confuse cheat developers, but they got desperate to get Phantom Overlay out of the beta.
  • The detection is considered sloppy, leading to false positives and not everyone who used Phantom Overlay will be banned.
  • Hardware ID bans may have been implemented.
  • MW2 and MW3 injections have been temporarily disabled until the detection is fixed.
  • Refunding the game is advised for MW3 Lifetime users, but they should hold onto their Lifetime key for the future.
  • Zblur plans to fix the detection and harden the cheat against sibling detections.
  • Other cheat providers targeted Phantom Overlay due to fear of their marketing strategy and the cheat's ability to avoid accidental display of cheats while streaming.
  • The author questions if Phantom Overlay's detection is the end of their cheating activity or just a temporary setback.
  • Speculation about favorite streamers possibly getting false-banned or not streaming while the situation is sorted.
  • Promotion of Sweat VPN and their discount code "Hopper" for a 10% discount.
  • The author's personal Call of Duty account was banned due to Phantom Overlay detection, jokingly suggesting involvement in illegal activities on the dark web.

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[Please note that the full transcript may not fit in a single response. It will be divided into multiple responses for better readability.]

Phantom Overlay’s been detected by Ricochet Anticheat! And I personally believe that there’s going to be quite a few streamers that don’t show up for their streams within the next coming days. But allow me to explain why, on a video that begins right now.

What’s up what’s good YouTube? Hope all is well and welcome back to the channel. I’m Hoppa and if the title didn’t give it away, Phantom Overlay cheats, the number one cheats used by streamers, the only cheat that happens to be specifically targeted or marketed to streamers, has been detected. But what’s it mean to be detected?

That means that anybody that’s been using Phantom Overlay cheats, any accounts that are used while they’re injected with Phantom Overlay during this detection period, and all the accounts that they’re going to use or attempt to use in the future, have been banned and will continue to be banned because, I mean, well at least I hope so, I hope they accompanied these detection bans with a hardware ID ban. I know, I know what you’re saying guys, Hoppa, hardware ID spoofers exist, but listen, that’s just one more hurdle that if you want to continue to cheat in this game, you’ve got to overcome.

By recently stating within their Telegram server, which is where they communicate with their customers, the owner of Phantom Overlay, that goes by Zblur, goes on to say, Dear Phantom Overlay users, the best cheating experience is cheating and getting away with it on your main account. What a bunch of fucking nerds. For over two years, Phantom Overlay has offered this experience on Call of Duty. I was hoping to do the same for much longer, but unfortunately there has been a detection and I have lost my main account. I know many of you have lost your main accounts too, but there’s still much hope and much more info to give you. So please read this full message for all details.

I apologize to you all for the late response. I wasn’t trying to trick you. I was trying to trick the Ricochet team who monitors my announcements. I’ve known I was detected for a few days. What? I’ve known I was detected for a few days now since the first day of MW3 beta. I was acting scared and confused so they would send bans quickly on the beta so I could quickly find the detection. My plan worked and I already found exactly what they detected. What? To those who say I sacrificed your accounts to get my test results, I didn’t. What the? Yes, you did. Sure sounds like you did. Ricochet detected me on both MW2 and MW3 since the games are almost identical. So are the cheats. Your bans were already coming. So this is why users who only cheated on MW2 are seeing bans from MW3. What about the MW2 bans? Those will probably come soon. Ricochet delays bans by 3-6 weeks to confuse cheat developers. Ah, that sounds like copium. They are sticking to that strategy with MW2, but with MW3, they got desperate to get PO out of the beta. Will everyone who injected MW2, MW3 in the last few weeks be banned? Most of you. Ricochet detection of PO is very sloppy. This sounds like a fucking post covering this dork’s ego. They’re going to get a lot of false positives and not everybody who used PO will be banned. I’d love to give you all hope by saying they might revert this sloppy detection, but they probably won’t. When will the detection be fixed? Soon. MW2 and MW3 injections have been disabled until then. I’m an MW2 Lifetime user. What can I do? I stopped selling Lifetime from MW2 before the summer. You’re stuck with me. Wait for the fix, then start using on a new account. You may need to use Spoofer before you make a new account. If Hardware ID banned. Hopefully they all are. I’m an MW3 30-day user. What can I do? Play the game legit. I’m an MW3 Lifetime user. What can I do? First off, first off, if you spent hundreds of dollars buying Lifetime on a cheat or for a game that didn’t exist, you deserve to be told to chalk it. Seriously. But he says you should refund your copy of the game via support or other method as your Lifetime key. Please hold on to it. Oh God. That’s pretty confident he’s getting back in the game. In addition to fixing the detection, I will be going through all the codes and hardening it against sibling detections. Phantom Overlay will be back stronger than ever. We outlasted other major providers by several months and plan to do it again.

I know there are some, uh, you know, specific cases of people that have claimed to use Phantom Overlay and haven’t had their main accounts banned yet. Now I’m hoping that, you know, maybe that’s like the, uh, the guy said in the announcement, Zblr, the owner of Phantom Overlay, that it’s delayed detection. And hopefully they don’t just incur another one of these, you know, timeouts for beating up on kids with no thumbs, you know, AKA known as a shadow ban. Hopefully it’s one of those permanent bans, meaning your account and everything pertaining to it is gone forever. And it’s gone. Oh, what? It’s gone. It’s all gone.

But to be honest with you guys, you need to understand why this detection is a bit different than all the others. And to understand that, you first must understand a little bit about Phantom Overlay’s history and more specifically, the people that they cater to within the Call of Duty community.

During Warzone 1, when Phantom Overlay tried to come to the market with their cheats, they had a kind of rough go of it as there was the new kid on the block and they were consistently getting DDoSed so that they couldn’t make sales. And they were further harassed by bots and attacks in an attempt to, you know, well, honestly keep them out of the game. An attempt that was perpetrated by other cheat providers. Now, and honestly, it happens at a lot of times to all the new guys trying to capture a bit of somebody else’s market share, but honestly, never to the extent that their, their owner Zblr had to endure.

And the honest truth is the vast majority of the hate and backlash Zblr and the Phantom Overlay users were dealing with at the time was due to the sheer amount of fear emanating from other providers. As not only did PO’s marketing strategy, one that was geared towards streamers, but their actual software that provided streamers with zero ability to accidentally fuck up and somehow display their cheats on the show, nor did they include any kind of ability to max out aimbot settings on the aimbot portion of their cheat.

In fact, a lot of users only use the ESP that’s making themselves look a little bit more legit because Phantom Overlay, they have some sort of, I don’t know, super duper top-secret coding that won’t allow their, uh, their wall hacks to be captured by any kind of, uh, input source or screen capture source on any kind of, you know, like open broadcaster or XSplit or anything. Actually, I guess it was super top secret, the operative word being was, because them boys got detected.

And if you ask me, the writing was on the wall for quite some time now. You can only get so big, especially when promising every user the ability to become the next C laner before enough of their eyes are on you that the action becomes unavoidable. Now, I know we all at times like to think that the devs actually want cheaters in their game somehow, some way, but in all honesty, actions speak a little bit louder than words, but let’s see how long Phantom Overlay is detected before they get back into the game of ruining ours.

Well, what do you guys think? Is this all just smoke and mirrors? Because Phantom Overlay will be up probably before this video on YouTube drops. And speaking of YouTube, make sure you guys hit the like button on this video and subscribe if you’re new here.

Are you in the boat that, hey man, at least they acted and well, let’s enjoy a couple less cheaters while it lasts, actually a lot more cheaters, or are you like me wondering which one of your favorite streamers got false banned during the beta or just isn’t streaming for the next few days while they figure it all out? Man, sure would be nice that their API was public so we could have a good reference point on sites like CodTracker, but we’ll just have to take a Joe Wo’s word for it now.

What percentage of streamers do you think do cheat? Zero, or, you know, Joe, we could, um, we could be honest with these people and tell them why our enemies

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How Phantom Overlay Cheats got Detected by Call of Duty Ricochet Anti Cheat’ by ItsHapa