Unveiling the Might of Thunder Warriors: Warhammer 40k Lore

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Just How Powerful is a Thunder Warrior Really? | Warhammer 40k Lore’ by Majorkill

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video explains late upload, Thunder Warriors, new mini, and Major Mini merchandise.

Key Insights

  • The video begins with an explanation for the late upload due to a power outage caused by an exploding power line outside the creator's apartment.
  • The Thunder Warriors are discussed as a proto-Astartes group that conquered Earth for the Emperor. They were powerful but not as advanced as Space Marines.
  • The creator announces the release of a new mini, the Lightning Captain, and mentions that some minis will be delisted due to undisclosed reasons.
  • Thunder Warriors were created by enhancing the muscles, bones, and organs of grown adult warriors to combat the weapons of rival warlords on Earth.
  • Despite their power, Thunder Warriors had fatal flaws such as neurological deterioration and tumors.
  • Thunder Warriors were physically stronger and larger than Space Marines, often outperforming them in battle.
  • Thunder Warriors didn't possess the tactical mind and genius of Space Marines and were considered too brutal for public relations.
  • Thunder Warriors wore Mark 1 Thunder Armour, which inhibited their speed but made them durable. They used low-tier bolters.
  • Thunder Warriors lacked the advanced healing abilities of Space Marines but were almost entirely immune to pain.
  • Thunder Warriors lacked intelligence but a surviving Thunder Warrior named Arik Taranis conducted experiments to extend his lifespan and enhance himself.
  • In a direct brawl, Thunder Warriors would likely defeat most Space Marines, but the latter's better gear and intelligence gave them an advantage in war.
  • It was the right decision for the Emperor to replace the Thunder Warriors with the more refined Space Marines.
  • The creator promotes their Major Mini merchandise, specifically the Lightning Captain, and encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel and join the Discord server.

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G’day guys and gal, Major Kill, why didn’t you upload a video on Friday, I hear nobody ask. Well funnily enough I lost power halfway through editing it, but I didn’t just lose power, the power line outside my apartment exploded and caught fire. My apartment started flashing like that scene from Stranger Things, and then BOOM, pitch black with the tree next to the power line on fire. Not really the thing you would expect to experience in the inner suburbs of the world’s most livable city, but yeah.

Following that theme of electricity, today we’re checking out the Thunder Warriors, the proto-Astartes that conquered Earth for the Emperor. Although it’s not controversial to say that overall they were inferior to the long-lived Space Marines, however something a lot of people don’t know is just how powerful these Thunder Warriors were. After all, they weren’t put down by the Emperor because they weren’t good enough at killing and conquering, more like they were too good at it.

Before we get started, another Monday, another major mini-release. This time we have the Lightning Captain, a staunch warrior of unity. This large and in-charge mini stands slightly larger than a Space Marine, with the bulk to match. He comes with a loadout of a short sword as well as a pistol. If he sells well, I’ll look at doing a three-man squad of Lightning Warriors to compliment him.

However, I do have some bad news. Due to things that I can’t yet talk about but I’m really trying to sort out, some of the major minis are to be delisted. In 48 hours, I will be removing the Space Lion Squad, including the Space Lion Sergeant, from the store permanently. Other models that are in peril include the Galactic Shark Squad, Shark Daddy, Space Elf Deathlord, Lord of the Night, and a few others. Rest assured, I am fighting tooth and nail and all will soon be revealed. But yeah, the Space Lions are definitely going and most likely the Lord of the Night as well in the next 48 hours.

In saying that, if you are a 3D modeler with experience with minis or know one, email me at majorkill at majorminis.com.au and I want to work with you and blow this range the fuck up and become the premier alternative mini business in the world.

Today we’ll go over just how powerful a Thunder Warrior is really, to determine if they’re better warriors than Space Marines or if they were just simply a flawed and inferior prototype of the Astartes. Let’s get into it.

Before we can understand their strength and power, we have to determine what a Thunder Warrior actually was. How are they different to Space Marines and Custodies?

The Emperor wasn’t an all-knowing and all-seeing kind of guy. He wasn’t the number one Biomancer in the galaxy and he couldn’t just flick his clit and spawn Space Marines and Primarchs. Hence he collected a team of brilliant scientists and immortals to help him create his legions. In the meantime however, he needed to conquer Earth while his Primarchs and Space Marines were being created. He couldn’t just use baseline humans though.

Earth, or Terra as it’s called in Warhammer, was the capital of humanity’s intergalactic empire before everything went to shit. As such, the various Technobarbarians and Warlords on Terra had some pretty nifty weapons and warriors, the kind of shit that could mow down an entire army of mortals as easy as I get erect when my girlfriend licks my ear. Hence the Emperor created a makeshift solution.

By taking grown adult warriors and then crudely enhancing their muscles, bones and organs etc, he could create powerful warriors that could overcome the horrific weapons of his rival Warlords. These were his Thunder Warriors and they were absolute monsters on the battlefield. They were larger and bulkier than Space Marines and even had the speed to match. They were also incredibly loyal to the Emperor and his cause.

However they had a few fatal flaws. The first being that their bodies began rejecting the crude superhuman surgery they received, causing rapid neurological deterioration as well as tumours sprouting within the Thunder Warriors. They basically just had a short shelf life, which wasn’t really compatible with the longer lifespans needed to travel the stars and conquer the galaxy.

Secondly, they were too brutal and un-aesthetic. The Emperor liked pretty aesthetic things, hence why the Imperial Palace was a work of art before the Siege of Terra and the Custodians are so goddamn dripped out. The Space Marines were mostly noble and inspiring figures. They could be brutal, but they could also inspire the Imperium and its people. The Thunder Warriors could never do that. They were just big scary killing machines that would make for shitty PR and marketing campaigns.

Hence when the Wars of Unity

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Just How Powerful is a Thunder Warrior Really? | Warhammer 40k Lore’ by Majorkill