Uzox Bot Music Setup Guide 2023

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Uzox Music Bot Setup Guide – 2023 – Play Music, Set DJ, & More’ by Chupacabra Tutorials

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Yuzox is a free Discord music bot that supports Spotify, SoundCloud, and, with uncertain YouTube support, allowing users to manage playlists, search, and control the queue, with additional features like filters and admin control.

Key Insights

  • The video is a tutorial on the Discord music bot called Yuzox.
  • Yuzox runs off of Spotify, SoundCloud, and, but it's uncertain if it still supports YouTube.
  • Yuzox allows users to turn music cues into playlists and save favorites.
  • You can find Yuzox in the Discord app directory.
  • The bot has various commands for playing, skipping, pausing, searching, and managing the queue.
  • It has features like filters, controls for Spotify and, saving the queue as a playlist, and setting a default channel for the bot.
  • A DJ role can be set to give someone admin control over the bot without server commands or powers.
  • It is responsive, offers good sound quality, and has a few occasional hiccups.
  • Yuzox is free to use, and there doesn't seem to be any evidence of forced payments or voting for the bot.

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All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Chupacabra Tutorials channel. I’m your host, Larry, and today we’re back to check out another Discord music bot. This one called Yuzox.

Yuzox runs off of Spotify, SoundCloud, and To my knowledge, I’m not sure how up-to-date these older listings are for the bot like the one here on, but I don’t think, or at least I hope, that they don’t run off of YouTube anymore, because if that’s true, YouTube will probably eventually find out and then send them a cease and desist order.

So what is Yuzox? It’s a bot that plays music. It allows you to turn your music cues into a playlist that you can save for later, and then you can also save favorites to do things like add DJ roles, and you can also play with different filters. So we’re going to check that out here today.

I’ve already been playing around with it here on my server, but like I start with every video, I like to kick them from the server and then show you how you can re-invite it to your server. I’ve been using the new Discord app directory. To get to the app directory, you go to the upper left-hand menu for your server, go down to your server settings, and then here kind of at the top underneath of apps is the app directory. We’re going to look up Yuzox here, and then we’re going to hit enter, and then somewhere in here should pop up the… You can also search for music bots as well, and it says it plays the high-quality lagless music from Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Twitch, and more. So that’s kind of like the overview of all the stuff that it plays and where from. You can kind of see like a preview of it here in this little video, although for some reason it doesn’t want to load.

And then all you have to do to add it is to click on add to server. From here, it will make sure what server you want to put it on. I’m going to put it on my test server. It’ll tell you all the permissions that it needs. This is all pretty standard, really, and then I’m going to verify that I am in fact a human being and not an alien replicant, and then we should be able to exit out. And then there it is. It says right here while Yuzox has appeared, and then it’s ready to be used. We just type in the slash help command and that’ll tell us everything that we need to know.

Now this is one of those bots that separates their commands into several different categories. We’ll start with the tracks category. And then that will populate a little posting here if it doesn’t want to have a hiccup with all of the different commands like play, skip, pause, resume, search, now playing, all of that good stuff so that you can play a song and if someone jumps into a channel later and they don’t know what song is playing, they can check what song is playing.

And then we can also go look at the queue. It’s got pretty standard controls. You can add stuff to the queue, remove it, loop the queue, skip to a certain point in the queue, all of that good stuff. And there’s also things like filters, controls for Spotify and last FM. If you specifically use those services, I don’t.

You can save your queue for later as a playlist. You can favorite individual songs to be turned into a playlist later. And then they also have some basic settings down here. These are things like setting a DJ, which is the admin for the music bot. And you can also, which is one of my favorites. You can actually set a default channel for the bot so that it only listens to one channel. So you don’t have people spamming up the server with music commands in the wrong channels. I traditionally really hate.

So let’s just start by playing some NCS music. We’ll just type in slash play, and I’ll ask for the name of the song or track that we want to play from. I’ll just say no copyright sounds, and then that should grab an NCS song that we can listen to, which I’ll play automatically.

And then you can start adding as many songs as you want to the queue. We can just type in the slash play. And then let’s say I want to do Lunar’s Need You. Then we’ll just add another one.

And then after you’ve added a few songs, you have some different options to play with. But for starters, you should just pay attention to if you like the song quality and the playback quality of the bot itself. That’s always important when playing around with any bot.

And so far outside of the like occasional hiccup here or there where the bot’s like, Oh, I’m sorry. I got a little overloaded for a sec. I didn’t quite hear that last command. Could you put it in again? Kind of a deal. I haven’t had too, too many issues. It’s been very responsive. It pops into the channel and starts playing nice, clear music. And it hasn’t been like stuttery or laggy, at least so far when I’ve been playing with it.

You’ve also got a couple different ways to control your music as well. Pretty standard is being able to control it with a command where I can say pause the music and then resume the music with a couple of different commands. But I can also open up the queue and I can see the queue and I can remove different things from the queue if I want to.

So here you can see the current queue of songs. So right now it’s playing the need you song, but it also coming up is get out or get out here and then volcano. And I can at any time use the different buttons that they give you for different emoji buttons here in the middle of the chat in order to pause the song or to resume it if you click it again, which is very nice. It’s also got controls like looping the queue. You can do random things from the queue and all of that good stuff. And you can also individually remove them with commands as well. So that’s really nice.

The other stuff that’s kind of helpful, in my opinion, is being able to set a default channel for the bot. What was that command that was set default volume is available as well, but we want a default channel. So we’ll type in slash set default channel. And then I want to use the music controls channel. And then that’s the only channel I want people to be able to use this bot in.

So now I can type in slash help and get those commands here again if I want them. It also allows me to set a DJ role. I’ve already got a DJ role set up. It’s just called DJ. And what a DJ role is, is it’s a meaningless role that you don’t have to set any settings for. You just give it to somebody and tell the bot which role to pay attention to, and they become the admin or the the bot, basically.

So I can set the DJ and I’m going to use the DJ role. So now anyone with that role is an admin for the bot. And this means that they don’t have to have any server commands or powers like being an admin or a moderator in order to help control the bot. Why is that useful? Well, you can give someone the ability to moderate the bots. They can remove troll songs or offensive songs or keep people from filling the queue. So it plays a bunch of weird stuff nonstop and prevents people from being able to listen and enjoy, because a lot of bots require a consensus among listeners in order to do stuff like that. So that’s why it’s kind of handy. Otherwise, you don’t necessarily need to worry about a DJ role if you don

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Uzox Music Bot Setup Guide – 2023 – Play Music, Set DJ, & More’ by Chupacabra Tutorials