Valve Index 2: New Details Leaked!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Valve’s Index 2 New Details Leaked!’ by Pzone

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Valve hints at new hardware projects beyond the Steam Deck, including a wireless VR headset.

Key Insights

  • Valve has been quiet about their new projects recently, but they have hinted at hardware ambitions beyond the Steam Deck.
  • A low-power wireless device from Valve, designated RC-V1V1030, has been certified by South Korea's National Radio Research Agency. However, the certification reveals little about the device.
  • Valve has not appeared in the United States FCC database or Bluetooth SIG yet.
  • There are hints in Valve's code about changes related to the Steam Deck's APU, with references to product names Galileo and Sephiroth. These changes could indicate a Steam Deck refresh.
  • Valve's Greg Coomer mentioned the possibility of using the Steam Deck APU in a standalone wireless VR headset.
  • A VR headset codenamed Deckard was prototyped at Valve, with leaked patent images showing pancake lenses and overhead tracking cameras.
  • It is possible that the mystery device could be a Steam Deck refresh or a wireless standalone VR headset.
  • Valve may make a major announcement around the first anniversary of the Steam Deck in February, potentially before Nintendo reveals their rumored Switch successor.
  • Valve is known for their slow pace of development, so it may take some time before there is an official confirmation.
  • Valve has multiple hardware ideas in development, and it is unclear which one will be released first.

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Valve’s next mystical device is about to come. Nobody knows what on earth Valve is doing these days. The once legendary game maker has been suspiciously quiet as of late. But today, we’ll shed some light on Valve’s super secretive new project.

We know for a fact that Valve’s hardware ambitions didn’t end with the Steam Deck. Over the past two years, Valve has suggested it would like to see a standalone VR headset, a new Steam Controller, and a Steam Deck revision with better battery life and screen.

Now, Valve may be actually getting ready to ship at least one of its hardware ideas. South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency has certified a low-power wireless device from Valve with the designation RC-V1V1030, as spotted by HashtagDXPL.

The certification tells us basically nothing about the device. Given that it uses 5GHz of Wi-Fi, which most computers already have, it could be pretty much anything. Telecom agencies don’t usually require certification for internal prototypes, only if you’re going to import and maybe sell devices in a country. The Valve Index was certified by South Korea days after it was first announced.

The Valve device hasn’t appeared in the United States FCC database yet, nor the Bluetooth SIG. Valve got the Steam Deck pass to the FCC without being spotted early, by having its Wi-Fi slash Bluetooth vendor certify the wireless module rather than the full device.

There are other hints in Valve’s own code, however, Phroenix’s Michael Larabelle spotted Valve added changes around the Steam Deck’s Van Gogh APU, including the mysterious product name Galileo and product family Sephiroth. Aerith, closely tied to Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII, is another name for the Deck’s APU, while Larabelle suggests this might be a Steam Deck refresh.

Valve’s Greg Coomer said the existing APU could make sense in a standalone VR headset. We’re not ready to say anything about it, but it would run well in that environment with the TDP necessary. It’s very relevant to us and our future plans. Coomer said about using the Steam Deck APU for wireless VR.

A standalone VR headset codenamed Deckard was at least prototyped at Valve, sources confirmed. Some patent images leaked last June. These patent images showed a headset with pancake lenses and overhead tracking cameras. The patent described an exterior control panel for adjusting settings without taking off the headset. This Deckard prototype points to Valve developing a wireless standalone VR headset. Other designer Greg Coomer even suggested the Steam Deck’s chip could work for a headset like this.

Valve seems interested in continuing its push into high-end VR hardware. But this mystery device could also be a Steam Deck refresh instead. The new chip references do fit with an upgraded Steam Deck model. Many in the Deck community have asked for improvements, like a better screen and battery life.

Of course, Valve moves in mysterious ways, so this device could be anything. Given Valve’s wide hardware interests, we can’t rule out this being something totally new and unexpected. But the timing suggests a major announcement is coming soon. Perhaps Valve will reveal all around the Steam Deck’s one-year anniversary this February. The Deck launched on February 25, 2022. So the one year lines up well for an announcement. Valve would also be smart to announce before Nintendo reveals the long-rumored Switch successor. Getting ahead of Nintendo’s next device would capture more attention.

One thing’s for sure, Valve has something big brewing behind the scenes. We know they have many hardware ideas in development. It’s just a matter of which one is finally ready to see the light of day. Stay tuned here as we dig for more clues on this secretive new project. Scrutinizing Valve’s software updates and patents may reveal more ahead of any official unveiling.

Knowing Valve’s notoriously slow pace of development though, it may be a while before we get real confirmation. But the mystery continues to deepen. Valve is up to something, we just don’t know exactly what yet. The waiting is agonizing, but the payoff will surely impress, whenever Valve pulls back the curtain.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Valve’s Index 2 New Details Leaked!’ by Pzone