Was Duke Dennis in the Army?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Why Duke Dennis Left The Army…’ by Aaron Battley

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Famous YouTubers share military experiences to encourage personal growth.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses famous YouTubers who had a military background.
  • Duke Dennis, a popular YouTuber, joined the army to avoid college and pursue his passion for basketball. He initially disliked the military but credits it for the discipline and focus it instilled in him.
  • Bella Porch, known for her TikTok fame, served in the Navy as an avionics ordnance specialist to escape a toxic home environment. She enjoyed her time in the Navy, but due to mental health issues, she served only one contract.
  • CJ So Cool, with over 8 million subscribers, joined the Navy to escape limited opportunities in his hometown. He excelled in the Navy but was eventually discharged after slacking off on duty. Despite his setback, he applied the military mindset to his subsequent success.
  • The video highlights that the military can provide a foundation for personal growth and self-discovery. It encourages viewers to pursue hobbies and seek support to cope with the challenges and loneliness often faced in the military.
  • The military teaches discipline, time management, and work ethic that can be valuable in any career.
  • The video concludes by mentioning other famous individuals with military backgrounds, such as JPEG Mafia, Patrick Bet David, Ben Mala, Kelly Stamps, and Mr. Ballin. It advises military members to prepare for civilian life, save money, and build connections for a smooth transition after their service. It also emphasizes that joining the military should be a personal choice and not recommended if one is not genuinely interested.

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This veteran is one of the most entertaining YouTubers right now with over a million subscribers on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. Yeah, I’m talking about Duke Dennis, the Riz God. And it’s so crazy because I’d watch his videos, and I still do, like bro, Riz God, bro, Duke Dennis, El Riz God, you feel me? I’ve watched his videos before I realized he was in the army until I saw a video was like, Duke Dennis army story time. I’m really off work still in my OCPs watching this video about how his time in the army was. And it’s just like I’m living exactly that. And it’s crazy. And so in this video, I want to tell you guys all the big famous people that you didn’t think would be in the army, but they actually were. And to kind of tell you guys like, yo, you can serve in the military and also still go on and do big stuff, you feel me?

Duke Dennis joined the army because he didn’t want to go to college and a football scholarship, but he also didn’t want to stay in his hometown, like you maybe. But as soon as he stepped foot off the bus for basic training, he realized that he made a huge mistake. And he also goes on to say in his videos that he hated the military, not hated the military, but he didn’t like it because in Germany, bro, like, you know, you’re far away from your home, your mom and your dad. And, you know, he didn’t really talk to anybody. He says that he stayed in his room most of the time. He was homesick, depressed kind of. And he also didn’t like authority. And so he was going to, you know, he was even going to go through the lengths to get out the military by smoking weed or whatever. But he also says he is not the man who he is today without the army, because in Germany, that’s really when he started to pick up on 2K and take it serious. And 2K is low-key one of the biggest reasons why he is who he is today. I was grinding, I was streaming, I was doing 2K, 2K17 with me and Deva. We going on 60, 70 game win streaks every weekend, going to work, getting off, working on myself. I’m grinding 2K and now, you know what I’m saying, 2K17, 2K18, 2K19, 2K20. Hey, I went hard and now I’m in a position, look where I’m at, look where we at, look what we doing, look at my life right now.

And also the discipline that the army gives you is, you know, just helps in every facet in life that you choose to take. It taught me a lot. It made me grow as a grown ass man. And at the end of the day, it made me who I am today. It made me be on time for everything. It made me, you know what I’m saying, have discipline in whatever I do. It taught me a lot. And I relate to everything Duke Dennis says, bro, because the army is going to send you places all over the world. And it’s going to suck sometimes. I’m not going to lie to you guys. And so that’s why I highly recommend you guys to have some sort of support group or some sort of hobby that you guys can do to take your mind off things, because it does get hard in the military, bro. And if you guys don’t have those support elements or those resources that you can kind of use, you know, to make things feel better for, you know, for time, you’re going to suffer. You’re going to struggle. And also, I’m glad he didn’t choose to smoke weed because people who get caught smoking weed in the army, bro, it is not a good life for you. It’s literally like modern day slavery. If you guys get an article 15, which is what it’s called, right, you guys will get put on something called extra duty. And you guys are just going to do random stuff and not have any free time for yourself. And you guys can also get your pay taken away in your rank. And so literally, you guys are going to be working all these hours and not getting paid for it. And so do not get an article 15. Just follow the rules, bro.

Bella Portia really surprised me because she’s like an international superstar ever since she got famous off of TikTok. But she served in the Navy, bro. She joined the Navy as an avionics ordnance specialist to get away from her toxic parents. And she goes on to say that she lowkey enjoyed the Navy. Yeah, it was fun. I had so much freedom. I feel like the first. Ironic. Yeah, I just remember in boot camp, everybody was like crying because they missed their mom and their dad. And I was over there and I was like the youngest. And I was the tiniest. And I’m like, this is the best thing ever. Like what? We’re in the room. We’re all sleeping together. This is like my first time. That is so having a sleepover. She talks about how she liked the Navy singing in the choir at boot camp on graduation. And also the Navy kind of gave her those experiences that she never got to have when she was a kid because of her strict parents. But unfortunately, she only served one contract after recommendations from doctors due to her mental health. Some could say, though, that the Navy was a very crucial stepping stone in her career to where she is now, though. Since the military takes you from your hometown and it also takes care of your basic responsibilities that you need as like a living human being. It kind of gives you that foundation to kind of do whatever you want on. And like if you guys want to pursue this or that, you guys can pursue it and see where it goes to see what you guys like doing and potentially maybe could turn into something big outside the military.

For me, especially growing up with strict parents, the military kind of gave me a breath of fresh air because, you know, you could kind of do what you want after you guys get through your training in an A.I.T. As long as it’s not against the law. Now, if you don’t know who CJ so cool is, he has over eight million subscribers on a YouTube channel and he joined the Navy straight out of high school because, you know, being from Gary Indiana, there wasn’t much opportunity being from there. And so he saw a Navy recruiter pull up in Cadillac Escalade and he was like, that’s what I want to do. Or if he could get it by joining the Navy, that’s what I want. In the Navy, he was so good at everything that he did that he was a part of the presidential honor guard. But unfortunately, his career took a turn for the worse when he got injured and the Navy sent him to a ship where he wasn’t liking those conditions. And so he kind of laid off and slacked off a bit to the point where he skipped duty one time to pick up some Jordans and they kicked him out of the Navy. But he says the military bearing that the Navy gave him, he applied that to everything he did after the Navy. And look where he’s at now. His story I can kind of relate to the most because, you know, most people or most high school students, because I was a high school student when I decided to join the military. We really don’t know what we want to do with our life. But we you know, we have this general, OK, I want to be successful. I want to have this. I want to

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Why Duke Dennis Left The Army…’ by Aaron Battley