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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Make Money Online Watching 30 Second Advertisements On Your Phone: Free & Available Worldwide’ by Odetta Rockhead-Kerr

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work? offers a relatively high payout (60-85%) for watching ads on their site, earning points redeemable for cash or gift cards through PayPal, making it an option for extra income with various earning scenarios to consider, but not necessarily the preferred method for the content creator and their team.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses a method of making money by watching 30-second ads on the website
  • The website pays between 60% to 85% of the earnings for watching ads, which is relatively higher than other platforms.
  • Users can sign up for free and earn points by watching ads, which can later be redeemed for cash through PayPal or gift cards.
  • Watching one 30-second ad earns between 0.2 to 0.9 points.
  • The video suggests various scenarios for earning money, such as watching videos for eight hours a day, earning $9.60 per day, or watching videos for 15 hours a day to earn $450 per month.
  • It acknowledges that these scenarios make some assumptions and advises viewers to adjust their expectations based on their own realities.
  • The content creator suggests this method as an option for those in developing countries or individuals who need extra income, but also highlights that there are other more efficient ways to make money.
  • It concludes that the method might not be suitable for the content creator and their team, as they prefer alternative methods that require less time and effort.

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Now rockstars, I know exactly what you’re thinking after seeing that thumbnail. Yes, because making money by just watching 30-minute advertisements on your phone from anywhere across the globe, free of cost, sounds like another one of those too-good-to-be-true deals. Well, you know what? I have doubts too. But being the daring digital daredevil that I am, I decided to dive into this ad-watching abyss and test the waters for myself. And I enlisted the help of two very brave members of our team.

Yes, the dynamic duo, tech titan Tiana and net navigator Natasha. And guess what? We actually made money. Now we wanted to do this testing on your behalf because we don’t want you to get CVS, which is computer vision syndrome that can result in terrible migraine headaches. And then after watching all these videos and developing this headache, you realize that you are not making any money. So instead, rockstars, we’re gonna take the chance on your behalf. And we’re gonna risk getting headaches to bring you the knowledge. That’s how much we love you. And if you want to show us some love, go ahead and massage that like button. And if you are not yet a rockstar, please go ahead and subscribe so we can continue to take risks on the internet to bring you anything that can possibly make money legitimately.

Now I know you’re on the edge of your seat and you’re wondering, how much money did they really make watching these mini ads? Did we make enough to buy a Starbucks coffee or to go to a swanky restaurant to have a meal? Or maybe, just maybe, we made enough to buy one of those fancy tech gadgets like an iPad that runs for about a thousand US dollars? I’m sorry rockstars, but you’re gonna have to stick around and watch the video to learn that. So brace yourself and try not to fall off the edge of your seat waiting for this big reveal.

Now first, I’m gonna explain exactly how to make this money online watching 30-second ads from either your phone or your tablet. Let’s head over to the website called and the link is below this video in the description so that you can click it and get there in no time. Now to make money with this website, it’s 100% free and it’s available from any country across the globe. And guess what? You have many ways to earn including gift cards and PayPal to name a few. On the website, you’re gonna download the app whether Android or iOS. Now as you can see here, with this particular website or app, there are many ways to earn. But today, we’re gonna focus on the video watching because that one pays the most. So to sign up, all you need to do is to enter your name, your email address and to create a password. Now you may need to verify your email address and all you need to do is to go to the mailbox for the email address that you used to sign up and click verify when you see the email that comes from

Now what we realized was for watching these ads here, this particular website pays about 60 to 85 percent unlike others out there that pay 40 to 60 percent. So it’s one of the better ones. And whenever you get to 10 US dollars, you can cash out or get paid through PayPal, gift cards or the other methods that are available for you to do so. Now that you have registered, just click on menu and then click on earn so that you can start watching videos and making money. Now when you select watch videos, it may take you to a page that says Fiber. Just click through that page and move on. It may also ask you to verify that you are not a robot. Go ahead because you’re not, right? The videos that you will be watching are 30 second ads and they’re advertisements on different products. Some of these products are games and some of the ads are related to software products. To make money, all you have to do is click on start watching which is in green. Watch the video for the 30 seconds because if you watch it for less, you’re gonna get less points and you’re gonna make less money. And whenever you’re done watching a 30 second video ad, you will earn anywhere from 0.2 to 0.9 points. And later on, I’m gonna tell you how these points translate into dollars.

Now I thought to myself, my god I could just hit my phone and it play all day. No. Between ads, you have to hit play. But I’m gonna teach you a way later on how to watch this and multitask. So don’t worry about this taking all your attention but you’ll need to give it a little. At the end of watching each video, just click x and click on start watching to start all over watching another video.

Now how do you watch these ads? You can do so from your phone or your tablet. Now let’s say you’re in the kitchen and you’re cooking and you’re watching videos. Every now and then you come over and you hit continue to watch the other one. Within those 30 seconds you’re doing something or you can have your kid sit there and click it for you while you’re doing something else. If you’re in class and you’re not easily distracted, you can have it and just hit it. And this is not for high school. This is more for college if you’re trying to make a few extra dollars on the side. If you’re traveling in a taxi, on a train, you have a long commute to work. Instead of watching videos that don’t pay money, why not do this and make a few extra dollars. You can even do it while you’re binge watching your favorite series on Netflix. Just every now and then look over and click so it moves on to the next video.

Now importantly, how much money can you make from watching these ads? Let’s dive into that now. And I’m gonna do so with two scenarios. Scenario one assumes that you’re at home, you’re doing nothing and you’re able to watch these 30 second ads for eight hours in the day. Of course you need to break to pee and to eat but you can eat and pee while watching. Now for eight hours you can watch 120 30 second ads. Now the rate that we were able to earn for every 30 second video was one cent. No it doesn’t sound like a lot because it isn’t a lot but hold on because it does add up.

If you watch 30 second videos for eight hours in a day, that’s 960 videos in one day. And if you’re earning the one cents that all three of us were able to earn per 30 second video, that’s only gonna be about nine dollars and sixty cents per day. However if you do this from Monday to Friday each week for a whole month which works out to about 22 days in a month, you’re gonna earn two hundred and eleven dollars and twenty cents. Now is it worth it? We’re gonna talk about that later on. It’s definitely enough to buy a few fancy dinners. Well it depends on where you live across the globe but it can certainly buy several cups of fancy coffee.

But here is scenario number two. Let’s say you’re not working and you have absolutely nothing else that can make you more money. What you would make for watching videos for 15 hours in a day is 450 US dollars for the month. Now these scenarios make a few assumptions and that’s not always the case in reality. So I would say whatever numbers we’re giving you, chop it in half because that may be more like your reality. One is sometimes you’re gonna run out of videos to watch especially when there are a lot of persons watching videos on the platform. And two, these tests assume you have absolutely nothing else to do with your life which is again why I say chop the numbers in two, three or four depending on your reality.

Now who is this for? I know people whether here at home in Jamaica or when I’ve traveled to Africa or India or the Philippines or many developing territories where 450 US dollars per month is a lot of money. And that may not be your reality and you may have 10 more profitable ways to make money but if that’s not the case this may be an option for you. And it may not be 450 but it could be 250 US dollars. Could that help if you’re one unemployed, a student or in between watching TV and your favorite series that’s not paying you today? Could it help to offset a few of your bills? I’m inclined to say yes but it’s gonna take time, it’s gonna take effort and you have to realize that not even this is guaranteed because you don’t always have videos to watch.

I remember some time ago I’d done this video and someone reached out in the comments to tell me that they have a disability and that they benefit from welfare and they were looking for something to do that wouldn’t result in them losing that benefit because you know if you make too much money you can compromise your welfare benefits. Well this would be ideal for that person because depending on the disability, watching videos on your phone and clicking through may be a good side hustle but it may not

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Make Money Online Watching 30 Second Advertisements On Your Phone: Free & Available Worldwide’ by Odetta Rockhead-Kerr