XIM Matrix: Ultimate “No Recoil Settings” for Ranked Play – Modern Warfare 3

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘XIM MATRIX “NO RECOIL SETTINGS!” for RANKED PLAY – Modern Warfare 3’ by Mixcn

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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Confusion, frustration, discussions, requests, complaints, and surprises during gameplay.

Key Insights

  • Mention of a player named Freeman
  • Confusion about the current situation
  • Discussion about L.O.V.E. and L.T.A.M.E.
  • Mention of P2, pocket loss, and being blind
  • Frustration about not getting kills and encountering Piker Burst
  • Request for someone to push up and discussion about a puddle
  • Mention of teammates, their kills, and grenades
  • Talk about buying a battery and someone rocking it
  • Description of a location with two enemies
  • Complaint about freezing and inability to get kills
  • Exchange with another player about getting kills
  • Talk about going up top and mentioning tunnel 3
  • Mention of dead sliding and assisting another player
  • Confusion about someone's direction and mentioning comeback season
  • Finding and eliminating another player in the tunnel
  • Uncertainty about the location of another enemy
  • Surprise at killing someone and confusion about a hill being contested
  • Reference to a "little 40 bomb"

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– Who do we have here? Freeman
– What the fuck is going on here? I don’t know
– Like he’s running to L.O.V.E. didn’t he? Like he’s on the L.T.A.M.E.
– How do I feel? You guys gonna do a P2 straight away?
– 6% pocket loss? Jesus
– Oh, I’m blind. I’m actually blind. I could have got 2-piece there
– What the fuck is this Piker Burst shit?
– Mid-bottom point
– Can someone push up with me? Puddle
– Now you’re dead, bro
– Might have been a teammate’s nade, I bet you 100%
– Yeah, we’ll come in tunnel 3
– 3 teammate
– I’m cons
– Fuck Domino’s
– Oh, I’m buying battery
– He’s rocking it
– Yeah, I’m next to him
– Ok
– He’s on top of that little roof thing
– There’s 2 in there
– My teammate has 1 kill and the other teammate has 0
– What? What?
– Someone’s got my internet on a choke hold right now
– I am freezing like a motherfucker. I can’t get a kill
– Oh, trust me bro, I know you can’t get a kill
– One more next Tunnel
– Teammate gets
– Teammate’s got 1 job to shoot 1 person
– Oh, he did, he did
– Let’s go up top
– 2 tunnel
– 3 tunnel
– 3 tunnel
– I just keep dead sliding because of the pack of spray
– I’ll just build up for you I’ll help you
– Go for it
– 3 Tunnel just
– Fuck
– What? Get MJ Tunnel
– Never trust 1 person BK Haha
– Oh, this pack of bursts is like crazy right now
– Tunnel
– Where are you going? 1 left
– Tunnel
– Going the wrong way
– They’re coming back Tunnel
– Comeback season boys, it’s comeback season
– Oh my god bro Tunnel
– I don’t know where the other guy went
– Fuck, this guy is on the roof too
– Oh, they’re on
– Fuck, how did I do it? I’m gonna lie, that little exclamation mark thing, I literally thought that was a hill being contested
– That’s why I ran in there Tunnel
– Little 40 bomb
– Tunnel

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘XIM MATRIX “NO RECOIL SETTINGS!” for RANKED PLAY – Modern Warfare 3’ by Mixcn