Xp Farm Starfield: Level Up FAST!

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This video demonstrates a sniper rifle XP farming method on Hygienes 6 using a Mag Sniper with armor-piercing rounds, a hidden platform for a 4x damage multiplier, and shooting multiple animals with one bullet for additional XP. Fast travel, high-powered rounds, and unlockable mods enhance the process, while another method involves breeding animals using an Explosive Coachman Shotgun with the Hornet’s Nest mod for simplicity. Consider watching a separate video for credit farming, and subscribe to the channel for more Starfield XP guides.

Key Insights

  • This video explains a Starfield XP farm method.
  • The farm involves using a sniper rifle on a platform built on top of your ship.
  • The recommended sniper rifle is the Mag Sniper with armor-piercing rounds.
  • The farm takes place on the planet Hygienes 6, which has an abundance of wildlife.
  • Shooting animals grants XP, and the Mag Sniper with the platform maximizes XP gains.
  • The platform provides a 4x damage multiplier when shooting from a hidden position.
  • Shooting multiple animals with one bullet provides additional XP.
  • It is advised to shoot when animals line up for maximum effectiveness.
  • Fast travel to different locations to find new herds of animals.
  • High Powered rounds and Penetrator rounds can be used to enhance the sniper rifle.
  • To unlock these mods, research Internal Mods 3 and Magazine and Battery Mods 3.
  • Using a Neurojack chemical reduces the resources needed for research projects.
  • Charging the sniper shot and utilizing the sneak attack multiplier results in massive damage.
  • The Mag Sniper has no bullet drop, allowing long-range targeting.
  • Hunting wildlife in Starfield provides imbalanced XP compared to other activities.
  • The presented farm method is not the fastest, but it is considered the most enjoyable.
  • Another XP farm involves breeding animals and using the Explosive Coachman Shotgun with the Hornet's Nest mod.
  • This farm focuses on simplicity and shooting from the ship platform.
  • Ammo is required for this farm, which can be costly, so a separate video is recommended for farming credits.
  • Subscribe to the channel for more Starfield XP guides.

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Alright guys, this Starfield XP farm will not only get you thousands of XP really quickly, but it’s the most fun way to increase your level. It involves a massive alien hunting session. So here is how you can do this Starfield XP farm.

Before we begin though guys, I would massively appreciate it if you’d help support this channel by hitting the like button. Okay, let’s go.

So the first step to this XP farm is going to a ship vendor. What we’re going to do is spec our ship specifically for this XP farm. And to do that, we are going to build a platform on the top deck of our ship. Build this platform as high as it will go right up until you hit the height limitations. This is five halves tall. So the maximum height you can build a ship is five levels. What we’re going to be doing is using this platform for standing on. So it doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to be high.

The next step is to buy a sniper rifle. Now one sniper rifle I suggest is the Mag Sniper, which you can get from Core Kinetics. This is a shop on Neon. You can get to Core Kinetics by going to the nightclub at the end of the road on Neon and taking the lift up on the right. With this Mag Sniper, you are going to get a whole bunch of XP. They do sell a few Mag Snipers at Core Kinetics, but you want the one with the armor piercing rounds. This enables you to shoot multiple enemies with one bullet as the armor piercing round will travel through several enemies and it really maximizes the effectiveness of your ammo.

The next step of this farm is to head to Hygienes 6. This is a planet in the Hygienes system and it contains tons of wildlife. Every time you shoot an animal in this game, you get XP and loads of XP at that. But with our Mag Sniper combined with the Sniper’s Perch we’ve built on our ship, we are going to be optimizing our XP gains to massively boost our XP.

So leave your ship when you touch down, climb up to your makeshift crow’s nest and have a scout around for herds of animals. Now crouch down and target the animals. When you shoot them, you will get not one, but multiple instances of XP. And the reason for this is you get a 4x multiplier on your damage when you strike while hidden. And this is something that the Mag Sniper is particularly good at. You wouldn’t be able to do this with, say, a shotgun because it’s big and loud and the animals will see you. No more hidden bonus. But when we’re using our Sniper, from this high vantage point on our ship, the animals cannot see us and we get the 4x damage multiplier. Which as you can see, it makes the work a lot quicker.

But that’s not the only XP bonus we’re getting because the second XP bonus comes from shooting multiple animals in one shot. Just line up a few animals when you take your shot and the projectile from the Mag Sniper will travel through several animals in succession and give you XP for each of them you hit. Go for big crowds of animals and take your shot when the animals line up and then when you leave your scope, you will see all the XP pop up in one go.

When you run out of animals, fast travel to a new spot and have another hunt for herds of creatures. Literally every time you touch down and have a look around the environment, you will see loads of animals. You do feel a bit bad, but hey, they had it coming. So here’s a little bit of gameplay of that and in a bit, I will show you how you can optimize this farm for even faster XP gains.

So, what if you’re finding the Mag Sniper underpowered and you want to make it do the job even quicker? For that, you can use High Powered rounds and Penetrator rounds. These are two mods you can attach at a weapon workbench. These two mods make short work of herds and they’re fun to use. You will need to have researched two things first though which you can do at a research bench. This requires giving different resources to the research bench. The first is Internal Mods 3. The second is the Magazine and Battery Mods 3.

A quicker way you can get this and make your life easier is by popping a Neurojack. This is a chem that lowers the amount of resources needed for a research project and it also increases the odds of sudden developments. Sudden developments basically mean you have a 50% chance to complete a research project even if you don’t have all the necessary resources. A good source of Neurojack is the Trade Authority in Neon so head to the Trade Authority in Neon to buy some Neurojack.

Don’t forget that you can hold the trigger down for a few seconds to charge up your shot. Then, when you release, you will massively boost your damage. Charging your shot combined with the 4x sneak attack multiplier results in huge damage in the thousands. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any bullet drop with the Mag Sniper whatsoever so you can target enemies miles away. If you can see it, you can shoot it. You don’t really need to use the scope, you can no-scope enemies as long as the reticule is over them when you fire, that’s where your projectile will end up.

Honestly, the wildlife XP grinding in this game is hugely imbalanced. You get a mere 1xp for crafting a new weapon mod, just 20xp for hacking a master lock and they take ages, and only 250xp for scanning all of the planets in a system. But you could literally make 250xp in one press of the trigger with your Mag Sniper resulting in thousands of XP over time. I don’t know the design choice behind this particular decision and can only conclude Bethesda just hates animals and clearly wants us to exterminate all of them ASAP.

Now is this as fast as the last XP farm I made a video on? Honestly, probably not. That video was all about making an outpost, building an animal husbandry building and breeding loads of animals in one spot so you could destroy them in one go. Then all you had to do is turn slightly, repair the facility to spawn a group of new animals and take them out again, courtesy of your Explosive Coachman Shotgun with a Hornet’s Nest mod. The XP with that is a bit more than the one we’re getting with this one, but also that farm could be kinda stressful, like you had to scan all the animals first, set up your outpost and also get the Hornet’s Nest mod to make the whole thing viable.

This farm on the other hand is just really straight up, you climb on top of your ship, use a sniper and just shoot everyone. You can do this at any point in the game, but you do have the choice of taking it to the next level with those 2 extra mods I mentioned. So it’s not the fastest way to get XP, but it is the most fun and for me, that makes it the best. But of course you will need ammo for this farm and ammo doesn’t come cheap, so if you want to get the money needed to buy all this ammo, check out my latest money farm which will give you hundreds of thousands of credits in the easiest way possible. Check that out above.

But anyway, that is this latest Starfield XP farm, thanks so much for watching and if you want more Starfield XP guides, subscribe to the channel.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘INSANE Starfield XP Farm – Level Up FAST #starfieldxpfarm’ by Gaming with Griff Griffin