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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Did I Get A New Girlfriend?’ by xQc

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Dating big streamer; AI frustration; marriage concerns; gossip; heartbreak; education debate; YouTuber criticism; hot tub rules.

Key Insights

  • The person being discussed in the video is dating someone who is a big streamer.
  • There is frustration towards an AI system that is not functioning properly.
  • Plans for marriage are mentioned, but there are concerns about financial support for servers.
  • People are gossiping and discussing drama in the chat.
  • The streamer's heart is broken, possibly due to being banned by another streamer.
  • There seems to be a discussion about education, particularly art degrees.
  • Criticisms are made towards a popular YouTuber's content and entertainment value.
  • Discussion about the clothing rules in a hot tub section and adherence to terms of service.
  • A variety of random comments and opinions are made by the streamer.

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Um, mom, I call her, right? I call her and then the first thing she says, she’s like, “Emily, are you dating that guy? What? You don’t even know anything about him. Why are you dating him? I know he’s a big streamer, but are you dating him?” And I’m like, “I’m not dating him. It was a show. This is what is AI shit.” Guys, this is so bad. Yeah, I don’t think it’s the same AI as the one that we have. Is it GrimmZX is asking, “Are you going to marry?” Is it really? That’s the plan, dude. Yeah, we are 100% gonna get married. Oh, she’s like, “Yo, motherfuck it.” But look, motherfuck it. You’re worrying about how are you going to ask me to pay for the servers? Okay, I started for the servers and the minutes I pay for them, then you make this shit. What is wrong with you? What the fuck is this? Hello, Jesus. I’d a little bit ninety percent sure it’s not gonna happen. It costs too much money. I was just getting a license. I’m gonna fuck it. GrimmZX is asking, “Are you going to marry?” That’s the plan, dude. Yeah, we are 100% gonna get married. She’s like the hottest and most awesome and most poggiest girl I’ve ever met in my life. She’s perfect. Ah, interesting, interesting. Yeah, yeah, guys, guys, yes, this drama circle jerk chat. Yes, I don’t think I’m gonna go into this, to be honest. I think it’s like ultra mega catering fucking pay social farm type shit. Don’t look behind. It’s a bad idea. I don’t think he can silence me with this, but my heart is broken. It is. It is like that HDMI you. I know she banned me. I’m sad. I was a longtime viewer of hers. So I don’t know what I did besides get rejected by XPC. I mean, it just didn’t like me. If you like that, okay, just saying. I just don’t get it. I just think, “I know the development. I know what the fuck. I know what the fuck. I don’t want me to have this.” “Pretty sure Miss Billy Jean and Miss Billy Bob would not appreciate you with your breast out. Honestly, X. There’s more filler here than in One Piece. So I’m definitely the most and champion my brothers in Christ. Oh yeah? Well, for the record, I don’t… I don’t mind fake all titties. Matters, especially the ones. Guys, guys, I’m gonna keep it a buck, okay? Okay, okay, chat, guys, guys. I would start throwing curveballs at everybody and I wasn’t getting shit back. Okay? That’s not a hit at anybody. Okay? I like being playful and fun and making slight jokes or whatever. Not a lot of people were picking up on anything. And maybe they were shy or maybe, like, it’s because… Because, yo, yo, yeah, exactly. Is that ketchup on it? Um, no. It could be ketchup, but it’s red frosting. And I also have a little snack for you. I brought my own. I don’t mind an extra for sure. Nice to meet you. I’d give any passions in life or what? My passion is being cringe and, oh my god, I guess people got grossed out again. I guess any again, it’s the people got grossed out out of fucking nibbling on toenails. Like, it’s like a big deal. I don’t get it. I don’t get it. Hello? People act like they don’t, like, sometimes scratch inside their nose or whatever, or like touch their toes. What is the problem? If your fake boobs pop, you got a spare balloon right behind you and you can go. I’m not gonna say what you can do to them. Your personalities all on your chest, I’m just saying. But I don’t know, GPA. That I beat you with. Uh, wait, what’s good? You go again. I went to Old State University. Oh, university, and let me go ahead and put my sashes on. Emily, where’s your sashes? Emily, percentage of the United States. Emily, miss 3.9, 3.8. My bro. Bro, bro, bro, bro, bro. This is what you’re bandling, but I know you have eight accounts. How is gonna not? I’m gonna, bro, my man. This guy is so smooth, ain’t it, bro? It’s just content. I’m gonna get so, bro, bro, bro. I have to come up with like fucking five head ways to set up people to talk and unload something because people won’t do anything. But yeah, of course I enjoyed. I enjoyed this. I enjoy people fighting and what about it, man? It’s like the UFC, but I mean, I just think it’s, it’s better. Paul and University 90% of the rate that Columbia University, a 4% exit rate that 90% graduation rate that, lol. Yeah, guys, do people give up this shit? I think they’ve all, you’re getting a piece of paper. I guess in certain fields, it matters. I guess if you do something like maybe, like a law or something like that, right? Or like finance. But if you’re doing motherfucking it, if you’re doing one thing art, yo, I got it. I got a 4%er right there. There’s a good way to for fucking hards board in art. I see Picasso. Oh yeah, dude, I can draw a circle. I studied money, bro. I don’t give no fuck brah. I don’t give a shit, man. What would I give? Whatever. I care about your thing. This is so dumb. Art degree Andy’s, man. Jesus, that cuts off at the best part. Oh, he says close the yearbook. Another example, art. Wow, exactly. I mean, it’s not an example. This was about art. Wait, brother, this is about art. This is about the cover. The biggest art. And it’s not an example. It’s the true example. Her stream and Ludwig, probably. Yeah, he’s so annoying and his content is dog shit. I don’t know if you’ve ever saw his mogul mail, but it’s literally like a 50-year-old trying to relate to younger audiences. He’s cringe and he’s not funny. I don’t understand how he has 11 million subscribers. Because he’s, but I respect his grind. I respect him as a creator, but he’s not entertaining. The guy can draw that. Yes, that’s a circle hypocrite. Andy, I am into a lotions. I don’t know. All I could say is that did it. Did it is it. I said something. This guy can drop a circle. You feel? I’m a child and she’s a grown woman. I’m gonna be honest. I don’t even know what OTK has to do with it, you know? What I’m saying? So another molding or like that, no, no, good. I just think the OTK supporters making it well. I was just saying, yo, I’m, you know, I’m not, man, the fuck am I talking to today, man? I’m getting sidetracked so badly. Who am I talking to? I’m going to this. I’m gonna get this fucking monitor. We gotta get this dream going, you know? I think we go molding or the OTK supporters making it an OTK thing, you know? I think it’s you guys that are fucking weirdos. Why are you making it a thing about the org? The chick went on there as UC, you didn’t go on there, you know, with OTK played like he’s choosing OTK. Like, sorry, I gifted off the wrong account. I’m confused. I think you OTK fans are the ones molding, right? Looking for anything for like a recovery or something like it’s, I mean, you know what I’m saying? Like, he’s not wrong. Chose a girl that’s in OTK. Who cares? Well, no shit. You accept CL. There are still some good people in OTK, right? I fuck with Asman, you know what I’m saying? I like Asman, he’s in OTK, right? So, I don’t think it was ever… Guys, listen, man, listen. Guys, the show is about content, having some

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Did I Get A New Girlfriend?’ by xQc