Yeezy Foam Runner Sizing Guide

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Watch This Before You Buy The Yeezy Foam Runner Shoes!’ by A Sneaker Life

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Yeezy Foam Runners, including the carbon colorway, release soon for around $90, and they are unique, comfortable shoes compared to glorified Crocs, with different color options available.

Key Insights

  • Yeezy Foam Runners are being discussed.
  • The Yeezy Foam Runner in the carbon colorway is set to release on August 7th with a retail price of around $90.
  • The sneaker market is fluctuating, but it's possible to get these close to retail price.
  • Older colorways can be more expensive, with some reaching prices of $350 to $400.
  • The video is sponsored by Kinetic Kings and features their paisley shorts.
  • The Yeezy Foam Runners are made from EVA foam and algae foam and are manufactured in China.
  • The speaker paid $300 for a pair in the past but believes they are worth the $80 to $90 price range.
  • It is recommended to go true to size when purchasing these shoes.
  • One con of the Foam Runners is that they can be challenging to put on.
  • These sneakers are considered unique, weird, and fun, making them a conversation piece.
  • The carbon colorway is described as a charcoal gray shade, and other versions are mentioned.
  • Comfort is emphasized, with the EVA foam being praised.
  • The Foam Runners are compared to glorified Crocs and are seen as a fashion statement for Kanye West fans.
  • The sand colorway is preferred, but the Onyx pair is also attractive depending on personal style.

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Just kind of slicing them. You ain’t need no hands, which is nice, but you know, it could be convenient to some people. You might not like it, but they are comfortable.

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Okay, so you’re looking to get your first pair of Yeezy Foam Runners. I have two pairs and I pretty much wanted to tell you guys what you need to know before you end up picking a pair up. So this is the Yeezy Foam Runner in the carbon colorway. This is set to release the 7th of August, I believe. Retail is gonna be right around that $90 price point. It seems like a lot of Foam Runners have fluctuated from 80 to $90, and they can shoot all the way up to $300. But as of late, the way the sneaker market is going, realistically, you might be able to get them pretty close to retail, especially if you’re looking for this color specifically. When you go back to the older colorways, that’s when it gets a little more pricey. I was recently at the mall and I saw this sand colorway that I had picked up, I wanna say like a year or two ago. And I ended up paying $300 for these and now they’re sitting around 350 to 400. But like I said, you can find deals in this market. So that’s just something to think about.

I know you guys see the shorts. I wanna let you know today’s video is sponsored by Kinetic Kings. Right here, we got their fundamental paisley shorts. I’m loving these. I ended up getting them in green, blue, black, and also got this tan colorway. You guys can go check them out. Get that little 90s nostalgic vibe. They’re a little shorter than usual, so make sure you go true to size.

It’s gonna come with this plain Jane box as usual. It’s actually inside out, which I’ll show you guys. When we crack it open, on the inside, you’ll see foam. And underneath the shoes, see the actual label of the shoe. You guys can see right here, Yeezy Foam Runner, carbon, carbon, carbon, size 12, made by Adidas. And here they are. These are made from EVA foam, also algae foam. This is like a super popular type of foam that they use for shoes. These are made in China. Honestly, I thought all Yeezys, well, not all, but all the Foam Runners were made in the US, which I think they were once upon a time. You will see on the inside of the shoe, it will actually tell you where it’s made as usual, but it’s kind of embossed in there. I don’t know if you guys can see it.

In terms of picking these up, I do think they are worth the $80 to $90 price range. Like I said, I did pay $300 for a pair, and that was specifically just for a review because at the time, it was such a hot shoe. But honestly, I would really take my chances at just hitting retail and leaving it at that, especially with the potential rekindle of the relationship between Adidas and Kanye. I really think Patience probably saves pockets on these, especially with, like I said, the way the market is going. Now, if you’re gonna pick a pair up, definitely go true to size. And the pros and cons of these is what I’ll tell you. Really, the only con that I found is just putting them on. These are glorified Crocs. I think we can be realistic about that, but the way you gotta slip your foot in there, low-key is kind of annoying, opposed to like a Croc you just put it on or you put that on in sport mode, you know what I mean? But the benefit to the weird way you gotta put your foot in there is that they’re on. They’re not coming off by any means.

Now, pros, I call these the networking shoes, man, because when anyone sees you wearing these that is not a sneakerhead, knows nothing about shoes, it is a conversation piece. The amount of people I have had ask me, wow, what do you have on your feet? They’re either laughing at you or they’re genuinely curious about what the hell these things are. Because let’s be real, they are unique, they are weird, they are fun. I think that’s what’s cool about sneakers in general, like if you know, you know type. Now, this carbon obviously differs from the Onyx pair because it’s not as black, it’s more of like a charcoal gray, I wanna say, in person. And there’s obviously been different versions of them. Realistically, I don’t think I will pick up any other colors. I really would have liked the Onyx, but honestly, I like this charcoal. I like the shade of it. And then going with the sand color way, I just don’t think I need any more. You guys can see I’ve worn these a lot. Definitely go true to size on them from what I’ve noticed, and you should be solid. I’m gonna throw my feet and you know, we’ll talk about the comfort level.

So like I was saying, man, the way you put them on for just kind of slicing them, you ain’t need no hands, which is nice. But you know, it could be convenient to some people. You might not like it, but they are comfortable. I will say that the Eva foam is honestly very elite. And like I said, go true to size, they fit great. I’ve worn these for hours, haven’t had any issues. Like I said, similar to Glorified Crocs, if you’ve worn a pair of Crocs before, all day long, you know the comfort. That’s all these are. This is honestly a hype beast croc, a Kanye West fan croc, wanna be different croc. Plain and simple. I would say I really like the sand color way more than anything. The Onyx pair is fly too, you know? It looks good. Just depends on the fit you trying to pull off. Like you can really get some crazy fits off with these. Just the aesthetic of the shoe is cool, man. It really is.

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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Watch This Before You Buy The Yeezy Foam Runner Shoes!’ by A Sneaker Life