YouTube TV vs Fubo: Best Live TV Streaming Service for Cord Cutters

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘YouTube TV vs Fubo What is The Best Live TV Streaming Service For Cord Cutters?’ by Cord Cutters News

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
YouTube TV and Fubo are compared as live TV streaming services with similar features, but different strengths.

Key Insights

  • The video compares YouTube TV and Fubo as live TV streaming services.
  • Both services offer channels like Locals, ESPN, and NFL Network.
  • User experience and interface are important in deciding which service to choose.
  • Fubo has a traditional cable guide with categorized channels, while YouTube TV offers a similar guide.
  • Fubo provides access to many regional sports networks (RSNs).
  • Both services have DVR capabilities, with YouTube TV offering unlimited storage for nine months and Fubo allowing users to keep recordings as long as they want.
  • YouTube TV promotes NFL Sunday Ticket as a special deal, while Fubo has a feature to watch major sporting events on different channels.
  • The video suggests that both services are good options depending on individual needs and preferences.
  • Fubo may be preferred for those interested in RSNs, while YouTube TV may be chosen for NFL Sunday Ticket and other features.
  • The video encourages viewers to subscribe and support the channel.

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Welcome to the Core Cars News Tech Lab. Today, we’re gonna be taking a look at YouTube TV versus Fubo. These are two of the larger, well-known live TV streaming services on the market. They offer channels including Locals, ESPN, NFL Network, and more.

There’s a few catches, few differences, but more importantly, we’re gonna be looking at how do they actually work? What’s the user interface like? And is it gonna be something you wanna use? Now, they have the channels you want. It comes really down to user experience on it. So we’re gonna be going head-to-head of these and showing you which ones may be a right fit for you.

Now, there are other services with Hulu being one right here, and we’ll be doing head-to-heads of those later. So make sure you subscribe and hit that thumbs up so you let YouTube know you enjoy what we do here, and you can get notifications when we add more videos like this one.

So with that said, let’s dive into it, starting off with Fubo. So Fubo is a live TV service. One of the big sound points of Fubo is it also offers many RSNs. Now, this is the channel guide, but let’s go back to the home screen real quick here. So this is the home screen when you first launch it. This is what you typically would see. I had opened it earlier, so it was remembering where I left off.

You do have live here, where it recommends channels based on your recent viewing history. Then you do have other spotlighted content and more on the home screen. But the good news is they do have a guide here. You can also search, for example, if I just wanna see sports. Hey, take me to all the sports content. Here is all the upcoming and live sports right now with this, all in one spot. Really nice. And they also have that for shows, movies, but you probably wanna check out the guide.

Now, the guide here is a traditional cable guide. I really do love how they, over here on the side, do have the ability to offer categories. For example, you got trending channels, just added entertainment, news, lifestyle, and more, all in one spot with this. But then you can go over here and you can scroll down through a ton of channels with it. You see, Valley Sports, my local RSN here is included with it, all in one spot. So very nice option here. You can also scroll into the future and more and see what’s coming up. And if I wanted to record this show, I can do that right here. Let’s just record episodes or this episode or record the entire series, which is something nice with it. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward. And then your My Stuff here is where you would find recorded DVR program and more. And I have 1,000 hours of DVR with this, for example.

But what about YouTube TV? So that’s the user interface. Has all those recommended channels. You can sort it by sports and just see all the sports content or movies or television shows. You have a DVR with it, limited to 1,000 hours on my plan. Check your plan when you sign up for it.

But what about YouTube TV? Very similar in a lot of the respects, but a few key differences. So let’s dive into this and take a look at it here as soon as it loads with it. So with this here, YouTube TV offers a logo. It offers a logo. No, it offers a very similar home screen, but you can also create profiles, which is a nice feature here.

And then in here, you have the traditional guide included with it, a DVR library for your on-demand and saved content. Here we go. It’s for some reason decided to take forever today. So YouTube TV does have NFL Sunday Ticket. Big thing they’re promoting right now is NFL Sunday Ticket, its ability to watch that. You can subscribe at a special deal. May not be available when you watch this.

But then you got the home row here where you can go through and recommended both on-demand and live stuff. If it’s live, you got this right here. It says, hey, NFL Network, there was a big game last night. Pre-season started. I can watch a replay of that, some golf. I can resume watching different things I was doing.

I can go down and keep going. Check out upcoming games here on the home screen. And then there is a cool feature here that’s available on Roku and other devices. Fubo also has this, rolling out to more devices, but it’s also available on Apple TV for Fubo right now. But you can see here, I can get different news channels all grouped up, different sports channels, head to head to some. Hey, weather, two different weather options. The weather channel, Fox weather, major hurricane happened. That’s kind of a cool one. This will update and change. When major sporting events are happening, they will roll out an option there to watch it on different ones. But you just scroll down to find that. It’s available on all YouTube TV supported devices, but you don’t get to pick the channels. They create the channels and then you pick which one you want. You do get to pick which audio feature you wanna edit.

So let’s go check out the live guide here. So with this, you got the ability to have a traditional live guide, which is really nice. Very similar to the Fubo one. Hey, suddenly it all wants to work. Great, I won’t blame my internet on that. But you can see different things. Again, if I wanna say, hey, I like Friends. I don’t actually wanna watch it. Let’s not get a copyright complaint. There we go. Let’s go say I wanna check out Friends. I can add it to my library and then it will record all episodes. Interesting here, I can’t record just one. It’s record all. I can also set mobile reminders to get alerts on my phone. Hey, I never wanna miss a Friends episode, for example. So really nice feature there.

With that, let’s go here and then check out the DVR section. So this is a cool little feature here. You got all your library content, DVR content in one spot. Recently watched stuff. You can go down to sports here. You see I got some grandparents that were in town using my TV. And then different categories here. You can also go up here and sort it. Why most watch scheduled series, movies, days, sports, whatever. You can find all kinds of different ways to do it.

Few big differences. YouTube TV does not have all local RSNs, doesn’t have most of them. Fubo does. There is an RSN fee to add on top of their listing depending on where you live. Fubo and Apple TV does allow you to create which channels you would like to have multi-view of. YouTube TV just gives you pre-selected ones. Fubo is expanding its lineup of multi-views. It’s similar to YouTube TV to more devices, but Fubo then picks which channels. Again, major sporting events. You may find WNBA basketball on YouTube TV. Their League Pass has the ability to watch multiple WNBA basketball games at one time, for example.

Overall, I don’t think you’re gonna go wrong with either one. YouTube TV has an unlimited DVR, but only keeps it for nine months. Fubo has a limited DVR, but you can keep them as long as you want, which is cool. Some people may want to keep a particular event. Both offer DVR. Both offer on-demand content. Both have similar, but different channel layouts. And I’ll put a link to a post down below and in the first pinned comment with all the channels that both services have right now.

But overall, I don’t think you’ll go wrong with either one. They’re excellent options. Depends on which one fits your needs best or maybe offers channels you want. RSNs are really important to you. Fubo may be what you want. Then NFL Sunday Ticket is really important to you. YouTube TV may be what you want and more.

So there you go. I hope this video helped you. If it did, hit that subscribe button, hit that thumbs up, let YouTube know you enjoy what we do here. So hopefully they recommend our videos to more people, helping us grow, and hopefully helping you break free from the high cost of TV, but still watch the shows you enjoy.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘YouTube TV vs Fubo What is The Best Live TV Streaming Service For Cord Cutters?’ by Cord Cutters News